PesaLink, Eastleigh entrepreneurs hold forum on role of banks in improving businesses

PesaLink in partnership with Eastleigh Business District Association held a town hall in Eastleigh to discuss the role that that banks can play in improving how business is carried out.

Ibrahim Hussein, the chairman of the Eastleigh Business District Association said: “There is an estimate of 2 billion cash exchange daily which is almost a third of the capital Nairobi’s output” in the one acre business district.”

(TOP: Agnes Gathaiya, the CEO of PesaLink).

The huge cash transactions in the community informed the opportunity to kick-off and scale-up awareness as PesaLink seeks to partner with the Eastleigh Business District Association to reduce the challenges bankers are having processing huge amounts of cash and to provide merchants with an easy, affordable, instant and more efficient payment process.

“Eastleigh community will use this opportunity to grow and nurture our business with minimal risks,” noted Ibrahim Hussein. He urged the community members to take up this opportunity which is convenient and secure.

Agnes Gathaiya, the CEO of PesaLink also commented and noted: “Our focus will be to provide enough opportunities where the Eastleigh community and Kenya at large can make transactions cash-free. We want to get closer to our customers, hear them and understand their concerns and then provide products and services that speak to these specific concerns”.


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