Dimension Data Security targets Africa and Middle East’s IT security market

Dimension Data has launched its fifth business unit in Africa and Middle East (MEA) region, Dimension Data Security, aimed at helping organisations in the region address the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving IT threat landscape.

MEA’s threat landscape is growing increasingly complex, and is driving new and surprising challenges for even the most hardened cyber security practitioners, says spokesperson from Dimension Data Security. “It’s a catch-up game, and threats ranging from DDoS attacks, ransomware, advanced persistent threats, and even cybercrime-as-a-service, are seeing businesses struggling to stay ahead and protect themselves.”

“With this in mind, we are retaining our brand following the NTT integration in other regions across the globe. We currently have four businesses, namely Internet Solutions, Dimension Data, Britehouse, and Merchants, and we are taking the leap to launch this business focusing specifically on security.”

He says the security business is built around four practices namely, consulting, secure infrastructure, secure hybrid cloud, and secure access management. “In addition, the new business is introducing a new product development capability to meet market requirements, particularly those we are finding in emerging markets.”

Although security professionals are all trying to implement the best tools and solutions to address the slew of risks businesses are facing every day, the threat landscape is constantly evolving and the evolution of risk needs to be properly, and immediately, addressed.

“This means redefining how our clients think about risk and encouraging them to respond to the significant increase in attack volume with security measures that will actually prove effective in today’s threat environment,” Managing Executive for Dimension Data Security explains.

The new business aims to do exactly this, as well as address the cyber security challenges that modern businesses face today. “This will start will redefining how our customers view risk and encouraging them to respond to the tremendous increase in attack volumes, as well as the growing complexity of threats, through the application of security measures that will prove effective in today’s threat landscape.”

Remember, that even if most security solutions are proving 99% effective, there is no ‘silver bullet’, and risks are not only evolving rapidly, they are increasing in number and sophistication. “This means that traditional security measures are no longer effective. Our new business will address these challenges, and bring clients a holistic, comprehensive solution to address all of their security needs.”

He says Dimension Data Security will closely with its customer to firstly, help them define their appetite for risk, and then what it will take to keep that risk at an acceptable level. “We understand that security needs to be both reactive and proactive, to keep risk in check.”

“Once we have identified where the holes in our customers’ security nets are, we can identify the appropriate tools and services needed to close those holes. This will mean providing them with total visibility into their security posture, and implementing the most advanced and comprehensive tools at our disposal.”

Another important role the new entity will play is helping our clients prepare for the worst. “The common maxim today is that it’s no longer a case of ‘if’ but of ‘when’. Being attacked has become an inevitability, so being prepared for the worst is crucial. “Our services will help strengthen our clients’ risk levels by continually pinpointing, prioritising and mitigating any gaps in security, as well as areas where additional skills and training may be needed.”

“The new business will have a wide range of cyber security capabilities and services and will help our customers navigate the complexity of today’s environments, as well as support them in their digital transformation initiatives while lessening any risk. Ultimately, we want to help customers create an agile and resilient security posture across their entire IT environments.”

Dimension Data is a company which specialises in IT services. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, the firm maintains operations globally, with a focus on services including IT consulting, technical and support services, and managed services.


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