Little unveils Drive Me feature which enables one to order a driver for their vehicle

Little Cab, the ride hailing service founded and operated by Craft Silicon, has added a new feature on its mobile app which allows one to order not the Little Cab taxi but the Little Cab driver to come to their location then use their own vehicle to drive them to their destination.

The feature, called Drive Me, basically enables a customer with the Little app installed on their phone to hail a driver to drive their car when one is not in a position to.

The feature could in come in handy from those with cars but feeling unwell to drive or those coming from social joints and events and unsure whether they can safely drive themselves because they’ve had to many to drink.

“Drive Me gives you the convenience of ‘hiring’ a driver to drive your car giving you complete peace of mind . Perfect also for nights out…We at Little value your safety. Don’t Drink and Drive. Request a DriveMe!! Thank you,” stated Little in an announcement sent out early this month.

Below are the steps to follow when one wants to hail a driver via the Drive Me feature:

  1. Open the Little app
  2. Select the destination
  3. Select “Drive Me” category
  4. Request for a driver

On can also select their preferred driver under the Drive Me category on the app.

The Little app has various categories and packages (or services) apart from the Drive Me option. These include Basic; LittleBODA; Parcels; Comfort, Shuttle (so far the cheapest as it is a shared service with many passengers using the same shuttle service to their destination); LadyBUG; and Comfort+.

The Little Cab service is available in four African countries – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia – while the app has recorded over 500,000 Android downloads since it went live on the app store in mid 2016.


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