How can parents track kids’ mobile with TOS?

Do you often get worried when your kids hang out with their friends? It is natural for the parents to get worried about their kids and try to question them every time. Kids don’t like to be questioned this much and of course, you don’t want to annoy them. So, get the kids monitoring software and always track their location without them knowing. You can be a cool parent, but still, be aware of all the activities of your kids to save them on time. Online predators and scammers are everywhere. They are always found disguised as a friend or friendly stranger who is just interested to get some information.

The story goes on, and they trap your kids into doing something illegal or criminal. So, if you don’t want your kids to be a part of these activities or being blackmailed by them. The software will help you to keep an eye on your kids and ensure their online safety under any circumstances.

How to use the TOS and spy on your kids

TheOneSpy (TOS) is easy to install the app. You get complete instructions of activating it on the target device too. So, purchase the application and start using it as soon as possible. The app is easy to use with multiple features. The all-rounder app enables you to be with your kids at any time and be their support at the time of need. Want to know about the features of the app?

Let’s explore the main functions of the Best mobile phone spy app that you can use after using it…

·        Capture Screenshots

Capture screenshots to keep the record and also the feature will stay active even when you are offline. So, you can always get the details in your absence too. You will sign in from anywhere and always be aware of the activities of your kids.

·        GPS location tracking

Children love adventures, but it doesn’t mean that they can put themselves in danger. So, GPS location tracking is a necessary feature for parents. You can always track them and also know if they are entering any restricted areas. It also allows you to set alarms, so you can get the alert on if they cross the area.

·        Reading Emails and Text messages

Features of the app will permit them to read their emails and all text messages. Read conversation either from social media apps or other text messages. Read email, get the details of the email contacts and always get to know what kind of media they are sharing.

·        Recording of surrounding

Bugging of camera or microphone enables you more to record the surroundings. You can get clear visuals and also record the voices. This will help you know about the kind of company they are keeping and what kind of friends they have.

·        Social Media App monitoring

Social media is the main target of many predators, sex traffickers, and other criminals. So, monitoring the social media app is more important than any other activity. You must know about all the conversation, media sharing and the people they are searching over the internet. It will let you know about their latest interests too.

·        Access to the gallery

Reach into their galley and see all the downloaded or received media files. You can get access to all the media files including pictures, documents, GIFs and all the videos too. So, you can know that your kids are not watching or sharing anything unethical. And if you see anything suspicious you can either delete them or politely talk to them while explaining the consequences of it.

·        Track all contact details

Read the contacts and the details of each contact. The detail can tell you if the person is trustworthy for your kids or not. You can also block any number that seems harmful or find them blackmailing your kids over anything.


All you have to do is to make sure you install the latest version of Kids monitoring software, TheOneSpy. Once done with installation and activation. Get started with it and use all the features to monitor each activity of your kids.


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