Kenyan e-retailer, AfricaSokoni, acquires Nigeria’s, rebrands to BoloSokoni

Africa Sokoni signs a partnership with from Nigeria an e-commerce platform as they celebrate their second anniversary. This partnership is an expansion strategy considering the growth of SMEs and the urge to reach a wider customer base through online stores.

A joint report by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) and the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS)
established that about 27% of Kenyans sold their products online. The report also found that, for most enterprises, 32.1%, the main deterrent to online selling and buying was the fact that their products were not suited for sale via the internet.

“We shall vigorously pursue our customer-centric philosophy by making the customer the centre of everything we do, be obsessed about addressing their every need and concern, leverage on innovation for and on their behalf as we consolidate the growth witnessed in the B2C segment, we will expand the B2B segment,” said Ebrima Fatty, the CEO of Africa Sokoni.

In Kenya, e-commerce is estimated to be worth between Kshs 70 – 120 billion in the short term and Kshs 400 billion in the long-term, thereby presenting lucrative business opportunities. Furthermore, e-commerce will be a catalyst to the achievement of the Big Four Agenda, in which manufacturing is a key pillar.

“AfricaSokoni has started 2020 with a great start and hit the ground running. We have just witnessed the signing of a very important agreement, that will pave the way for AfricaSokoni to enter the huge and very important Nigerian Market. This is the takeover of of Nigeria by Sokoni Online (AfricaSokoni),” added Ebrima. “We will also present our customers with a brand-new platform within two months from today. We shall continue to rigorously pursue our customer centric philosophy by making the customer the center of everything we do, be obsessed about addressing their every need and concern, and innovate for and on their behalf.”

‘’Bolorims was eager to invest in the e-commerce market in Kenya to build a cohesive partnership between Nigeria and East Africa. We have acquired a 10% stake of Africa Sokoni but we will be trading in West Africa as,” said Michael Tokunbo Orimobil, the CEO of Bolorims.”

“E-Commerce will enable SMEs lower costs, stay competitive and at the same time, go global by harnessing the power of the Internet and scale,” he added.

Investing in an e-commerce software platform is important for all businesses – including small scale traders like mama mboga – because consumers use all channels at their disposal when researching, selecting and buying a product. In-store browsers can become online shoppers and vice versa. There are a lot of people who may ‘prefer’
to shop in-store but ‘choose’ to shop online because it’s the most convenient option.


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