Kaspersky unveils new license portal to improve efficiency for service providers and resellers

Kaspersky License Management Portal (LMP) is a new self-service portal for managed service providers (MSPs) and resellers to help them streamline Kaspersky license ordering, management and reporting. The portal also enables a new pay-as-you-go billing plan for monthly subscriptions so partners can provide services to their customers in a more agile way. LMP is delivered as part of the Kaspersky United Partner Portal so partners can access all the necessary tools and knowledge in one place. 

Managed services is one of the key IT market trends that keeps momentum year-over-year — almost doubling from 48,000 global MSP firms in 2016 to 74,000 in 2021, according to the Ami Partners evaluation. While the competition is growing, service providers are in need of more automation to simplify and accelerate sales operations and subscription management. Kaspersky License Management Portal provides MSPs and resellers with a single platform to order and manage all of their Kaspersky subscriptions in one place.

Kaspersky License Management Portal provides the shortest possible journey from getting a trial version of a product to putting it into commercial use and pay for it with the new pay-as-you-go model. A trial license can be generated for any Kaspersky product, in-cloud or on-premises, so partners can easily try all their features, build their services and bring them to customers faster. The new subscription model allows MSPs to increase or decrease the quantity of subscriptions according to their needs and pay for the actual number of nodes they use each day of the month.

In the dashboard, resellers and manage service providers can see reports on all their customers, statuses of all active subscriptions and information about real time usage of licenses. The portal also provides analytics so a partner can see on which products services are provided, how many licenses are sold and how the number of protected devices changes. This helps partners to find new upsell opportunities by suggesting product upgrade or complementary products for trail.

“MSPs are a strategic priority for Kaspersky and over the last year, the Kaspersky MSP channel has showed good growth. The number of partners that registered and are already selling continues to increase. As a result, the year-on-year MSP revenue growth reached 60%,” says Dmitry Golubtsov, Head of MSP Business, Kaspersky. The launch of the Kaspersky License Management Portal is the next step in our strategy to bolster our partner ecosystem and provide our partners with tools that help them offer more services based on Kaspersky products.” 

LMP is already available in the Kaspersky United Partner Portal. There, partners can have all the information and services needed to work with Kaspersky in one place, including training, marketing and educational assets, license management and product trials.


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