The latest advancements in fish tank technology

Fish are one of the most popular pets in existence, with 12% of people across the world living with pet fish. Technological advancements are continually being made to help improve the lives of pet fish and their owners. With eco-friendly self-cleaning tanks, smart monitors, and waste-reducing automatic feeders, it’s now easier than ever to cultivate a healthy and thriving aquarium.

Self-cleaning fish tank 

As all fish owners know, cleaning a fish tank regularly takes time and effort. Fortunately, a self-cleaning tank can do the job for you. Some kinds of self-cleaning tanks are gravity-based, meaning a pump is used to remove the dirty water from the bottom of the tank while you pour in clean water. It does this without disturbing or harming your fish. An aquaponic tank is another type of eco-friendly, self-cleaning tank. Plants grow in a small basin at the top, and the waste created by the fish is pulled up and deposited in the basin, where it fertilises the plants. The clean, filtered water returns to the tank. Aquaponic fish tanks are sustainable and low-maintenance, and can help you grow your own plants.

Smart monitors

Smart technology is transforming fish ownership. Now you can buy smart monitors for your fish tank, which allow you to test and monitor the conditions of the tank remotely. Smart monitors consist of a simple controller fixed inside the tank, which can measure all important information, including, water pH, temperature and salinity. Using an app on your tablet or smartphone, you can see real-time measurements and updates. You’re also able to control various devices in the tank via the app and adjust the conditions as needed.

Automatic feeders

While feeding fish by hand can be fun, it’s also a messy job. Automatic feeders are handy devices which can be programmed to feed your fish for you – which is especially useful if you’re going to be out at work or on vacation. These feeders are very easy to use, low-maintenance, and suitable for both flakes and pellets. All you need to do is program the device to release food at the right time. You can also use it manually whenever you want to feed your fish a little extra. Automatic feeders also limit waste, as they’re programmed to only drop the exact amount of food necessary into the tank.

With such great advancements in technology, there’s never been a better time to be a fish owner. Try out these gadgets for yourself, and see how fun owning a fish can be.


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