Huawei to showcase new solutions at Industrial Digital Transformation virtual event

With the 2020 edition of the Mobile World Congress cancelled due to health concerns around the coronavirus, companies have now moved to organise own events for their partners, with some opting for actual physical events to showcase their products and solutions while others plan to do this vurtually via video. Among these is Huawei.

The Chinese firm has announced that despite the cancellation of  Mobile World Congress, stating that “the chance to explore the intelligent world – from success stories in digital transformation across industries, to the latest in ICT innovations – remains wide open to you.”

Huawei is therefore set to host its Industrial Digital Transformation Conference via video from February 24 to 27, 2010. The virtual showcase hopes to enable Huawei’s Enterprise partners and existing as well as potential customers to discover:

  • How transformation pioneers have addressed various challenges and achieved success in pursuit of digital transformation.
  • How Wi-Fi 6, 5G, and AI are dramatically changing enterprise campuses in terms of application, connectivity, and network coverage — and, especially, how Wi-Fi 6 changes everything.
  • How next generation data centers use AI technology to achieve faster, more stable, and more eco-friendly operations. And how AI helps enterprises mine more value from their service data as well as simplify their IT system and O&M practices.
“Welcome to the intelligent era! In 2020, a highly connected, intelligent world will no longer be an abstract idea. It will be a reality – transforming industries, supporting healthcare, improving human lives. The question is, how do we connect to this new world?”, sated Yan Lida, the President of the Enterprise Business Group at Huawei Technologies, while announcing the event.

“From February 24 through February 27, Huawei will share global best practices in digital transformation – exclusively online – and showcase applications and case studies demonstrating the power of transformation in global smart cities, transportation, finance, electric power, and other industries.”

The four-day session will also introduce the firm’s new intelligent campus and intelligent data center solutions – HiCampus and HiDC – as part of the Huawei Horizon Digital Platform. Participants will gain fresh insights into how the Horizon Digital Platform integrates new ICT – including AI, machine learning, and IoT – to help enterprises reduce complexity and build an intelligent future, where everything connects.

Huawei will also use the session to showcase how the development of Wi-Fi 6, 5G, and AI technologies is enabling significant advancement in the application, network, and coverage of enterprise campuses. In addition, participants will see how next generation data centers are becoming faster, more stable, and more energy efficient, all thanks to innovative AI technologies.


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