Digital lenders to hold month-long consumer awareness campaign

Digital Lenders Association of Kenya (DLAK) has announced the first-ever MoneyMarch: a month-long event dedicated to bringing providers and consumers together in a conversation around financial health and wellness. MoneyMarch is sponsored by DLAK, in association with Tala and all DLAK member companies.

“Kenyans today have more choices than ever before, but they also face more risks when it comes to managing their financial lives. Money March is a moment to bring providers and customers together to discuss how we can best leverage digital credit and other services to help consumers and entrepreneurs grow and work towards their goals,” explained DLAK Chairman Robert Masinde.

The theme for MoneyMarch 2020 is Family Finance. In support of MoneyMarch, DLAK members and partners are dedicating their time, resources, and marketing efforts to help educate customers and their families on how they can build healthy financial habits and meet their goals.

Ivan Mbowa, DLAK board member and Tala Kenya General Manager, expressed his enthusiasm for the month ahead saying “As responsible digital lenders, we make a promise to our customers that we will support them as they grow and work towards their goals. Providing customers with the financial education they need to make smart decisions is one of the many ways that we can deliver on that promise. With MoneyMarch, we hope to inspire and empower our customers to achieve their financial dreams, no matter how big or small.”

In the spirit of MoneyMarch, DLAK will release the findings of a recent comprehensive survey of customers conducted by DLAK through an independent research firm. DLAK members will also step up to make additional individual commitments towards advancing financial health, including free advice on how to plan family finances, how to start saving, and how to effectively use credit for business growth. Some members will even announce collaborations with local non-profit organizations in the name of family financial health.

DLAK, an umbrella body of leading digital lenders in Kenya, was formed in March 2019 with the objective of bringing together Digital Lenders and associated players under one roof to form an association to promote responsible lending practices and help the ecosystem grow while addressing cross-cutting concerns.

The 12 founding members – represented by the respective institutional heads – are Tala, Alternative Circle, Stawika Capital, Zenka Finance, MyCredit, Okolea, LPesa, Kopacent, Four Kings Investment T/A Sotiwa, Mobile Financial Solutions (MFS), Kuwazo Capital, and Finance Plan.


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