SQL Server Consulting: Why are periodic health checks indispensable for SQL servers?

The SQL server is a popular relational database management platform which the engineers at Microsoft Corporation have developed for business owners. The software program of this system allows them to store, manage and retrieve vital data relating to their commercial operations. They can operate it with other compatible software applications either on a stand-alone computer or within a network of computers. This makes it easier for business owners to access the information they need to conduct their activities in the market. Moreover, they can rest assure that this data is secure from hackers and other nefarious individuals. Even employees without proper authorization can access the data.

Why do business owners need to operate a SQL server?

When conducting their commercial operations in the market, business owners need to handle all sorts of sensitive information. This data usually relating to their trading associates, customers and various other vital stakeholders. They need to get access to the relevant information they need at the touch of a button. They should also be able to process and share this information with others via computers on a secure network. Only then can business owners execute vast volumes of transactions without any difficulties. Moreover, they also need a reliable backup system for their business data. To achieve these objectives, business owners need to install and operate a SQL server in their existing IT infrastructure.

SQL Server Health Check – Why do business owners need to carry it out?

The SQL server is an ideal platform for business owners to operate all their relevant database applications without any difficulties. They can create the necessary tables and enter the records using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) tool. Business owners can also use this graphical tool to insert, modify, update and even delete the information in these records. Most of them generally do not face any problems in the initial stages of running their database applications. Unfortunately, performance issues do arise later on as business owners upgrade the hardware components. In some cases, they do not realize the extent of these problems until it is too late. Carrying a periodic SQL server health check assessment helps business owners avoid these problems in the first place.

A SQL Server health check is a procedure which qualified professionals to conduct to analyze the performance of SQL servers. In doing so, they assess the overall consistency, recoverability and stability of data in these systems. If these specialists find any potential issues, they resolve them immediately. SQL experts further point out the following 4 reasons why business owners should opt for a periodic SQL server health check:

  1. To determine whether the relevant backup features and data recovery options of SQL server are operational.
  2. Moreover, they should meet the specific requirements of business owners;
  3. To assess the proper configuration of SQL server within the business owners’ operating system according to best industry practices;
  4. To monitor SQL server’s performance in regarding CPU utilization, disk input/output, relevant network traffic and caching;
  5. To ensure the security setting in the SQL server is configured following best industry practice.This significantly minimizes the risks relating to data leaks; and

What functions does the SQL Server health check expert carry out?

Business owners need to understand that they should not carry out SQL server health check on their own. They do not have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience in comparison to SQL server experts. Many of them may find articles on the Internet explaining to them how to go about conducting a general SQL health check. Unfortunately, the information these articles contain will only add to their confusion. This is why they should hire the services of qualified professionals. Experts specializing in SQL Server consulting say qualified professionals conducting SQL server health check usually perform the following 6 functions:

  • Carry out a validation process to assess the architecture design and coding features;
  • Identify and rectify coding issues which are slowing down the performance of SQL server;
  • Find out and resolve potential scalability issues;
  • Assess whether the SQL server is secure from potential threats;
  • Offer valuable assistance in conducting platform and software application upgradations; and
  • Provide suitable guidance and suggestions on cloud transformations

Benefits of SQL Server Health Checks

Carrying out periodic SQL server health check helps businesses owners get a better understanding of the platform they are operating with. They also become aware of the potential issues affecting the overall performance of their system. SQL Experts state the following 3additional benefits business owners enjoy by conducting a SQL server health check regularly:

  1. Eradicate security breaches

Security breaches are always a cause for concern for business owners. They do not want their vital business data to fall into the wrong hands. Conducting periodic SQL server health checks can uncover potential loopholes which business owners’ servers vulnerable to possible attacks. The professionals can then take necessary steps to rework and upgrade the various encryption levels. This ensures that all sensitive data is secure from all kinds of cyber threats.


  1. Identify gaps in the backup procedures

All SQL servers have adequate backup procedures to protect the business owners’ sensitive data from potential ransomware attacks. They must conduct random tests to determine whether or not these procedures are working properly. Unfortunately, they often fail to carry out these tests for a variety of reasons. A periodic SQL server health checks under the supervision of a qualified professional help identify gaps in the backup procedures. The expert can then take measures to resolve these issues within a short time.


  • Verify whether proper maintenance is being carried out

SQL Server health checks verify whether adequate maintenance for business owners’ server systems is being done regularly. These assessments determine whether commands performing critical functions like updating statistics or reorganizing indexes are working correctly. If this is not the case, the experts will take the necessary steps to rectify them. Only then will the business owners’ servers work flawlessly under all conditions.

SQL experts sum up by saying business owners regard the SQL servers they use to be a vital part of their IT infrastructure. They generally take essential decisions based on the data in this system. This is why business owners need to ensure their servers are working flawlessly at all times. Carrying out periodic SQL server health checks can help them to achieve this objective. In the process, they can protect their servers from potential cyber threats, eliminate gaps in their backup procedures and ensure proper maintenance of the system.



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