De Beers Jewellers adopts Oracle technology to enhance customers’ shopping experience

Luxury goods retailer De Beers Jewellers is adopting modern Oracle Xstore technology to enhance its customers’ shopping experience. The company for offering exquisite gifts and peerless diamonds for life’s key moments. Each of its 33 stores, located in 15 countries, are equipped with the proprietary De Beers Iris technology that allows customers to see the unique characteristics of their diamond through the eyes of an expert. With Oracle Mobile Point of Service (POS), De Beers will further improve the in-store experience by empowering associates to engage customers throughout their purchase journey.

“Diamonds are works of art in their own rights with incredible colours, tints, and nuances. The more you know, the more you can discover. Our brand ambassadors guide customers to find the perfect jewellery for their unique tastes,” said Francois Delage, the CEO of De Beers Jewelers. “Selecting Oracle’s mobile technology will enable our brand ambassadors to ensure a seamless in store experience from the discovery phase to purchase, in the optimal setting.”

In collaboration with Oracle Retail Consulting Services, De Beers Jewellers will implement Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service and Oracle Retail Xstore Office Cloud Service. With the offerings, associates will be able to interact with customers in a truly personalized way.

“Oracle Retail Xstore POS enables retailers to pivot to the customer by delivering a fully mobile store with all the capabilities required to create a modern shopping experience,” said Mike Webster, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Retail. “With Oracle, De Beers associates can focus their attention on showing the uniqueness of their jewellery and the needs of the shoppers from anywhere in the store.”

Oracle Retail Xstore Office Cloud Service can centralize all back-office elements of store operations, eliminating the need for additional data center investment. This cloud service enables faster implementation timelines and creates a more responsive business model attuned to shifts in consumer preferences. Oracle Retail POS and Xstore are architected for global expansion, providing country-pack accelerators that help expedite international rollouts.

Oracle is the modern platform for retail, providing retailers with a complete, open, and integrated platform for business applications, cloud services, and hardware that are engineered to work together. Major fashion, grocery, and specialty retailers use Oracle solutions to accelerate from best practice to next practice, drive operational agility, and refine the customer experience.


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