TECNO to stream launch of new CAMON 15 devices on Facebook, DStv

TECNO has announced that it will hold its product launch via a TV broadcast on April 2, 2020 to unveil its new camera smartphone, the TECNO CAMON 15, during DStv golden time, that is 8:00 to 9:00p.m. The virtual event will be streamed live online on TECNO’s Facebook page and will include a number of giveaway for the brand’s fans.

The TECNO Camon 15 will be the first online smartphone launch in Africa, a trend being adopted by major brands and companies due to the current Covid-19 pandemic which has led to global calls for people to stay home.

Like the previous TECNO CAMON series, the new TECNO CAMON 15 series comes with superior photography performance. It has enhanced sensitivity and definition having a Sony camera chip. Compared to most of the chips used in the smartphone cameras, the Sony camera chip can detect more refined details and produce an extraordinary level of quality the images it captures. With the chip’s incredible sensitivity, photos can still maintain precise details after being zoomed in even 8 times.

With the new Camon model, TECNO sought to break new technological ground by to creating TAIVOS artificial intelligence vision optimization solution) to bring users ultra-clear night shots. The Ultra Night Lens allows better edge correction and multi-frame noise reduction, producing cleaner and clearer night shots. By reducing overexposure to reveal the night scenes, brightness and the dynamic range are both improved.

Equipped with 64 Megapixels, CAMON 15 makes even the tiniest details clearly visible from 30 meters away. It can reduce visual noise after zooming in on subjects, leading to a more clearer vision.


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