A24 Media launches Yebo, a video-on-demand platform for African content

Africa 24 Media has announced the launch of an all factual video on demand platform, Yebo, which aims to be the guide of Africa through stories.

Making the announcement, A24 Media’s founder and CEO, Asif Sheikh, said this is a huge milestone for Africa 24 Media and the continent at large. “For two decades I was away from home, studying and working in North America. While there, I constantly craved for news back home, sadly, all we got at the time were stories of a continent ravaged by war, corruption and disease. Most of these stories were told by foreign journalists, when I came back, I found amazing stories that were not covered by international press and that gave me the inspiration to allow more of our people tell these stories,” said Asif.

The platform offers powerful and authentic stories from more than 30 different African countries, most of them free of charge to viewers. The content has been curated over the last 12 years by A24 Media’s team.

Through Yebo, A24 Media seeks to give viewers a glimpse into its Vault of exclusive content, which has up to now had very little external exposure, making it fresh and unique.

The Yebo offering consists of:

Documentaries: Watch half hour documentaries on the History of major events on the continent, Biography of Africa’s history makers and Discover the continent in a fun and adventurous.

Short Stories: Get hundreds of short stories on health, politics, sports, women and children, adventure and many more.

Weekly Shows: Make a date with fresh episodes of our weekly magazine shows and journey with us as we speak to opinion shapers around the continent on The Scoop, travel to different destinations and celebrate our diversity On The Road, jam to Africa’s biggest hits and get the back stories from the artists themselves on Up Beat. Learn how to take better care of animals on Animore.

Snackables: Find out what our editor has picked to snack on the go, as you discover the continent through our eyes.

The content on YEBO is available on the web and via an Android mobile app. Any content downloaded from the platform can be watched offline within a period of 30 days.

The flexibility of the platform is swift and effortless making each minute of your experience worthwhile. Distinctively, the YEBO audio cast feature to the content makes the platform suitable to visit anywhere, anytime.

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