Multichoice to bring OJ Simpson documentary to DStv and GOtv subscribers 

Despite the current shortage in live action, SuperSport‘s focus is always to keep its viewers entertained. Sports lovers on DStv and GOtv this week can look forward to O.J.:Made in America; one of the most ambitious and sweeping sport documentaries ever made.

First aired in 2016, O.J.:Made in America, is a five-part special about the life, career and criminal trials of football star O.J. Simpson, taking a fascinating investigation into how his story parallels 50 years of racial tension and conflict in the United States.

(TOP: A scene from the series).

All five parts of the O.J.:Made in America documentary will be broadcast in sequence from 08:00 CAT on DStv SuperSport 10 and GOtv Select 3 on Monday April 13. Viewers will be able to enjoy a second binge on DStv SuperSport 1 from 09:00 CAT on Saturday April 18.

This dark but insightful tale that speaks as much to American society and values as it does to the rollercoaster life of O.J. Simpson was first produced for ESPN’s 30 for 30. It revisits the so-called Trial of the Century, when the former American footballer OJ Simpson was tried on two counts of murder in the mid-1990s. The documentary focusses on critical points of the trial: the domestic abuse, the police investigation, the white Bronco chase, the motive, the blood, the glove and, inevitably, the verdict and the aftermath. “It is,” said Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times, “a movie so compelling you want it never to end.”

Director Ezra Edelman doesn’t just focus on the deaths of Ronald L. Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson – as well as the subsequent murder trial which was one of the biggest news stories in the world in the 1990s – but instead chooses to widen his approach to encompass decades of racially insensitive policing in Los Angeles, and the imbalances of the criminal justice system.

The central tenet of O.J.:Made in America is that citizens of the United States can have radically different ideas about what is ‘true’ depending on their own life experiences. The result is a bold, visionary piece of documentary film-making, which also happens to contain plenty of juicy details about the private life of an NFL Hall of Famer.

O.J.:Made in America is a near 8-hour epic which won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature at the 89th Academy Awards. It was the longest feature to ever receive an Oscar nomination and win, and even forced the Academy to change their rules, as they subsequently barred ‘multi-part or limited series’ from being eligible for the documentary categories.

 The five-part series will play out throughout the day on April 13, 2020 at the following schedules, all times CAT:

  • 08:00: O.J.: Made in America, Part 1 – SuperSport 10 and Select 3
  • 09:30: O.J.: Made in America, Part 2 – SuperSport 10 and Select 3
  • 11:05: O.J.: Made in America, Part 3 – SuperSport 10 and Select 3
  • 12:40: O.J.: Made in America, Part 4 – SuperSport 10 and Select 3
  • 14:15: O.J.: Made in America, Part 5 – SuperSport 10 and Select 3


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