Future-proofing your car with connected technology

By 2035, there will be 83 million 5G connected cars on the road. Connected car technology refers to a car that has its own internet connection. This feature has only continued to grow in popularity since its introduction, and consumers are now able to access greater connectivity, features, and entertainment. Connected cars allow for a range of additional opportunities for safety and convenience. Consider upgrading your vehicle in order to discover how the internet can improve your driving experience.

Protect your safety

One major advantage of connected cars is their additional safety and security measures. In case of emergency, your car is able to immediately contact emergency services, and even share contact information with the dispatcher. Furthermore, with GPS and internet connectivity, connected cars are easier to track down when they are stolen. In the case of theft, you’ll have to look no further than a mobile app to find your vehicle. The EU even recently passed legislation to use connectivity to alert the police automatically in case of a crash, streamlining the process and allowing emergency services to reach you faster.

Stay on top of maintenance checks

With a connected car, all of your vehicle’s diagnostics – including gas and fluid levels – are available via mobile app. That way, you’ll be able to more easily keep up with regular oil changes without worrying about how many months have passed on your own. Some cars may even be able to automatically schedule your service appointments for you. Your car may be able to predict when your next maintenance should be based on driving patterns and other analytics, which can increase efficiency, help your car last longer, and reduce costs.

Create a more enjoyable driving experience

A connected car can allow for a number of technologies that make for a more enjoyable driving system. First of all, having WiFi will make long road trips much more entertaining for your passengers. Your navigation system will also be automatically up-to-date and in sync with your traffic and surroundings, and require no additional technology or systems to use. Certain cars also have the ability to lock or start your car via mobile app.

Connected car technology may sound like science fiction, but it is already improving the lives of driver’s around the world. Consider catching up with the times by investing in a connected vehicle that can provide safety, maintenance, and a greater overall experience.

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