How emerging technology presents new security risks

Life in the modern era can be exciting. Massive technological leaps have made the world more interconnected than ever before, allowing people to communicate and conduct business across vast distances nearly instantaneously. Lives have been made easier through new technological innovations that help to streamline the functionality of people’s homes, increase the accessibility of information and entertainment, and even revolutionizing the way that people move from one place to another through automated self-driving vehicles.

However, with all of this new and emerging technology comes novel risks that can be difficult to prepare for. Understanding the unique dangers that emerging tech poses when it comes to security is vital to the ability to take full advantage of amazing new technology while remaining safe.

Sensitive information is at unprecedented risk of compromise

User data is a commodity and since it has value, it is sought after by both businesses and cybercriminals alike. Many of those using interconnected technologies aren’t fully aware of just how important it is that they take precautions in protecting their personal information. Not only are companies harvesting data to be sold for marketing purposes, but hackers are targeting businesses large and small to get access to that data in addition to making attacks on individuals through phishing emails.

While businesses and government bodies are streamlining their operations by becoming more tech-savvy, it is important to note that security measures can often lag behind the enthusiasm for adopting new and emerging tech. Institutions like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are working tirelessly to modernize tax systems but consumers should remain wary of any new and untested systems as there could be glaring security issues that have not yet been addressed. The US is woefully underfunded when it comes to cybersecurity efforts and citizens should be aware that their private and sensitive information might still be at risk even in the hands of a government body.

Kids can unwittingly be at risk

Children from Gen Z and Gen Alpha have inherent technological intelligence as they were raised in a world inundated with technological advancements. Younger generations may have an edge when it comes to understanding and using technology but they are still prone to many risks, in many cases more-so than older generations. Just as it is important in the world of business, taking care to make sure data stored on smartphones is protected is essential, and for younger generations that use their smartphones for work and for play, this is even truer.

The risks kids face when using the internet extend far beyond cyberbullying and exposure to inappropriate content and predators. Younger generations can latch on to emerging technology and new social media apps without fully examining the potential risk for identity theft or the compromisation of their personal information. For instance, the popular video-based social media platform TikTok which has taken America’s youth by storm is owned by a Chinese company and the troves of data being generated and logged by the app have caused it to come under scrutiny as a possible threat to national security.

Hackers won’t just steal your information

It must be noted that while user data is incredibly valuable and is often the target of cybercrimes, those acting with ill-intent aren’t just looking to obtain sensitive data for monetary gain. As more and more of the devices used by the public everyday increase in their connectivity to both the internet and the IoT, the more that the once seemingly safe devices become prone to security risks. While driverless vehicles seem like the gateway to the future, vulnerabilities could potentially lead to hackers being able to outright control their systems resulting in their ability to completely control vehicles, possibly stealing them right out of someone’s driveway.

IoT devices in the home also pose a major security risk. Intrepid hackers can gain access to a huge number of IoT-enabled devices in a home ranging from smart TVs and refrigerators to even a home’s utilities and security systems. Reports of baby monitors being accessed by outside forces should be enough to show just how important cybersecurity is in the modern era.

Emerging tech can be both a powerful tool and a frightening liability. While there is no end in sight for the advancement of technology, consumers should at the very least educate themselves on the potential security risks they open themselves up to when adopting new and emerging tech.

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