Let’s increase the average check in your store

The ratio to be taken is the average sale (or average check). It is the fastest way to increase sales. If a customer buys, offer more.

One of the quickest ways to get additional sales is through a cross-sell app Shopify.

It is known that selling something “in addition” to a person who has just made a purchase is much easier than to a new client. Of course, you should use it.

How exactly? Start offering customers something else from your products or services along with the main purchase. It’s ideal to do it with an extra discount or bonus.

Naturally, not everyone will buy it, but a lot of people will want to buy additional products or services that you offer them!

Example: If you come to McDonald’s and buy a drink, you will certainly be offered a cake, fries or something else. Do you think the cashiers at MacDonald’s do it out of deep personal sympathy for you? I don’t think so. It’s a clearly arranged system. McDonald’s knows that a certain number of people will react to this offer and buy something extra.

A simpler option is when the waiter in the cafe, after you’ve read the order, asks: “Anything else?” or better yet, offers some specific dishes that you’ve overlooked (like dessert).

If you buy a book in online stores such as “Amazon”, you are immediately offered to buy it together with some other, receiving a certain discount.

If the customer who made the order, to offer a good addition to the basic purchase of the product for 30-50% of the basic cost of the order, an average of 20-25% of customers will be happy to buy it.

If you still do not do it, be sure to start using the cross-sell system in your business – and very soon you will see additional sales that this method will give. Especially since it will most likely not require any additional investment from you.

Different options for additional offers

Using the technology described above, you can offer the following to the customer making the purchase:

  1. More expensive products.
  1. More quantity of goods.
  1. Related product.

Sell a more expensive product

With this strategy, it is possible to sell more expensive mobile phones and computers, hotel rooms and tourist vouchers, fertilizers, and seedlings.

The main thing is to understand that when a person aims to buy, they just need to offer to buy a more expensive product, and then briefly explain why this option is better (or rather, what the customer will win if they buy it). Even if you apply this technique in such a simple form, you will soon see that it works wonders.

For example, when you come to a cafe, you ask for a cup of coffee, and the waiter immediately asks: “A big one?” You don’t hesitate to nod your head and now you’ve already ordered a large mug of coffee, although you may have thought of a small coffee in front of the door. We believe it is clear that for the cafe the cost of a large and small mug is almost the same, but the price for the client can easily differ by thirty to fifty percent.

Sell more goods

Let’s give you an example from a life that every man knows. Imagine that you want to buy a bouquet of roses for your second half. You go into the store, choose, show what you are interested in, and then call the number. The seller starts packing flowers, and then as if accidentally offers you to buy not five roses, but nine, motivating it with a discount.

Here you give in to an emotional outburst, imagine how surprised and flattered your beloved will be and buy the proposed quantity, and then you are happy to go on a date.

The girl is really surprised, but it is not clear – either by the fact that you came with flowers, or that instead of the standard three or five roses bought nine. One thing you will now know for sure: the strategy of “selling more units to the customer” was applied here.

Similarly, this strategy can work in your business, you just need to perform three basic steps:

Once the sale has taken place, you should invite the customer to buy more goods, explaining the benefits to the customer, and then make an attractive offer to buy.

It’s simple, isn’t it? And it works, doesn’t it?

Sell the related product

Let’s continue with the café examples. A waiter came up to you and you asked for a cup of coffee. The waiter repeats your order and asks: “What dessert can I get you for your coffee?” If you don’t know, the waiter will be happy to give you a hint… and here you are eating a tiramisu.

And your check has doubled.

This strategy makes it easy to sell computers with accessories, an air-conditioned car with an alarm, and a kitchen stove with a set of pans.

So how do you increase sales even more? Probably many of you have already guessed that you can often use not one, but two, or even all three strategies at once.

Just imagine how the profit of the same flower shop will increase if the seller will offer each client to buy not the usual roses for 100 rubles, and more beautiful for 120, and in addition packaged not in cellophane, and in a color mesh.

And if we are talking about ordering a cigar at a restaurant, the waiter can offer a glass of good cognac and chocolate for an appetizer.

The most important thing is to try, experiment, and act!


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