Kenya’s primary, secondary students to access education content via StarTimes platforms

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) has entered into a partnership with StarTimes Kenya, a digital television provider, to enable access to interactive education content to learners in both primary and secondary levels in Kenya.

The institute is currently enhancing its coverage of the interactive radio and television lessons through various online platforms at a time when the country is battling with the spread and devastating effects of the Corona Virus pandemic, which forced schools to be closed temporarily early to contain the virus.

KICD Council Chairperson, Dr Sara Ruto, welcomed the partnership engagement, acknowledging that the Institute has enormous task that needs consolidated efforts to make sure that learning goes on and every child is benefitting from the process.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has pointed out a new feature of digital learning, we need to embrace it for the sake of our children and together we will be able to grow. One of the core competencies in the Competency Based Curriculum is learning to learn, this is an opportune moment to put it to practice with such partners key in enriching the future of learning,” said Dr Ruto.

Through this partnership, StarTimes Kenya will provide access to KICD approved curriculum on their digital television platform including mobile application StarTimes ON as well as other self-produced television channels in making sure that students who are currently at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic continue learning through the broadcaster’s platforms.

“We have partnered with KICD to allow us carry approved education content on our platforms. Currently, we have ensured that EDU Channel is available through our set top boxes as a free to air channel and uploaded approved primary and secondary school curriculum on our StarTimes ON mobile application platform key in ensuring the majority of students have access to the education materials,” said StarTimes CEO Andy Wang.

The KICD Acting CEO, Dr Joel Mabonga, welcomed the move noting the partnership will grow the number of platforms available to engage students who are learning at home with the content access on mobile application being a strategic option given the high mobile penetration in the county.

“We need to go out of our ways to make sure that learning continues even under the current COVID-19 situation as we establish strategic partnerships that will help us achieve our mandate as an institute tasked with a national responsibility of developing curricula and curriculum support materials informed by research for all levels of education below the university,” said Dr Mabonga.

The partnership will bridge the gap in ensuring that learners complement the radio and EDU TV education content with that which is now available on StarTimes ON mobile app that is available on Google Play or Apple App Store.

Learners continue to follow the interactive online lessons at home by tuning to KBC English Service and Radio Taifa for radio programmes and EDU TV channel and the Kenya Education Cloud for interactive lessons.


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