Ways to reach a wider audience for your videos

Today’s audience loves watching videos. A marketing study in 2019 showed that 49% of people view a minimum of five videos per day, with the majority of audiences visiting YouTube, followed by Facebook and then Instagram. What makes videos an important part of marketing?

Utilization of videos

For any type of business, videos are powerful tools to boost sales. Adding a video to a landing page showed that it has a high possibility of sales conversion, especially if these videos are explainer-video of the business’ service or products. Customers also remember brands better when shown in video form or when consolidated within a channel they are interested in. In the education sector, the use of videos is apparent, as most would rather watch a video than read lengthy text-based articles. This notion also applies to most people doing internet searches, where some prefer their answers in video form.

    Reaching more viewers

The increase in the preference of watching videos leads to the quest for video content creators to gain more viewers. Here are some ways to reach a wider audience for your videos.

    Distribution channels

The more channels you share your videos to, the more audience you will have. Video marketing increased in 2019 with 90% of video marketers observing an uptick in competition and noise. Thus, you must distribute your videos to relevant carriers. Primary channels to put your videos in are websites, landing pages, and blog channels. For social video distribution, the most popular tools are YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

    Reaching demographics

Transcribing your videos will provide a more interactive approach to your videos. Information is then augmented through subtitles, captions or the summary included with the video. It is also beneficial to get subtitle translation services, to provide your viewers with an option to change the language and consequently broadening your reach internationally!


You can reuse your video and share it with the same channels – however, viewers do not like to see the same videos frequently. What you can do is create snippets of the video and emphasize on particular topics, especially if you have multiple points being discussed. Pieces that show statistics, quotes, and expert quotes can also be arranged.

   Search optimisation

Optimizing your video for internet searching is another essential factor. An accurate, clear, and concise title will help, along with keywords. The description should be limited to less than a thousand characters while incorporating the relevant keywords. Associating it with the appropriate categories and proper tagging will also help expand your audience. Do remember that you can be penalized (by Google) when you include misleading tags.

   Influence through mood

Be creative when creating your videos. After watching a video, aim for your viewers to have an improvement in their mood. Emotions influence people to buy products, inculcate the content you shared, as well as subscribe to more of your videos. Viewers who feel good about a video will likely share it with more people. Hence, an increase in your viewers.

Online videos are created for various purposes such as entertainment, for inspiration, to provide relaxation, or to impart information about a product or a new topic. Whichever the reason, video content creators must find ways to deliver it to their audience. Posting it in different channels will ensure that it is accessible while enriching it with captions and translations will extend its reach. Snippets will allow the emphasis on the topics within the video and the proper use of descriptive titles, keywords, and tags will also make it easy to search. Lastly, an appealing video itself will reach more audiences as more viewers tend to share exciting videos.


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