Why are tech entrepreneurs finding solace in fishing?

Fishing is a great hobby and can be a lot of fun. Riverways and lakes permeate the entire world, and in these river systems and lakes we find an overabundance of fish; mankind has thrived from eating fish for thousands of years and will continue to do so. Not only do fish bear benefits in the vitamins and nutrients we can take from eating them, they can be a lot of fun to catch! Fishing was once considered an old man’s sport but has quickly become a favourite of young men across the world. Not only is it peaceful and tranquil at times, it can be a real adrenaline-pumping rollercoaster reeling in a huge Sturgeon! Many fast-paced businessmen from global tech companies are beginning to shun the idea of going golfing in favour of a fishing trip with colleagues, and fishing trips alone. Once upon a time golf was solely the venting place for fast-paced business executives, yet now, it seems fishing has taken over!

How can I start fishing?

Fishing is a really simple sport to excel at. Often, the best way to start fishing, well, is to start! If you go down to your local tackle store, explain you are a new fisherman and you are uncertain of what kind of equipment you might need, you will find them to be very accommodating and often point you in the direction of the right things! For starters, you will need a good rod; good rods can be hard to come by, so click here for more information on the best rods, from fly-fishing to float-fishing, and everything between. Make sure that you explain to the tackle store owner that you are on a budget, otherwise you may find them getting you to buy the entire store!

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What is it about fishing that attracts business executives?

Fishing can be a very personal sport, and very hands-on. Many business executives have been proven to enjoy fast-paced situations that get their blood pumping and their adrenaline racing, and with the aforesaid in mind, it is no surprise they should derive enjoyment from fishing. Fishing is thrilling and while many people assume it is boring or slow, and many would rather sit and watch paint dry, it is actually very fun. Many keen fishermen were terribly averse to the idea of going fishing until they went on their first fishing trip and fell in love. There is a beauty in the balance between complete insanity and meditation; when you sit on a riverbank, your line in the water, knowing at any point you could have a twenty-pound Pike take your lure, you are in almost a trancelike state, watching, waiting for the bite, completely calm and aware of everything around you, then when it takes it you jump into action and begin wrestling with it. The adrenaline is undoubtedly, like no other.

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What is calmative about fishing?

Fishing for the reasons listed above is a great way to destress and calm yourself down. When you are going through a rough patch it can be great to be able to cast out and forgot your troubles on a waterway. Fishing, like other sports, has been proven to keep you in shape and help to combat the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Fishing is a great way to make new friends, and for those who suffer from social anxiety and find it difficult or awkward meeting new people, fishing can be a great way to spend your time. Many doctors and psychologists hold fishing in high esteem for its calmative and therapeutic effects.

There are some questions about the morality of fishing. Some fish and kill, some fish and release; the morality question, however, will always remain with any sport that involves animals, whether hunting or duck shooting. There will always be somebody there who objects to the act, whether it is humane or not, and as generally fishermen are very conscious of not wanting to hurt the fish, very delicate, and will often hand-deliver the fish back to the water rather than throw them, the question of morality is redundant. If the fish experience no pain and are handled delicately then there is no harm caused. It is only when careless fishermen begin mishandling the animals that harm is caused, whether by transmitted diseases or population of fish devastated by overfishing and animal cruelty.

When you are buying your fishing tackle, whether second hand or in person, you should make sure that you purchase it solely from dealers of high repute and official tackle stores. If you are buying second-hand fishing tackle make sure it is a genuine article as there is a big market in selling faked fishing goods nowadays.


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