Vivo leveraging on innovation and quality to ensure customer satisfaction

Since vivo smartphone made its debut into the Kenyan market a year ago, the brand has thoroughly committed to product and technology innovation that creates a more immersive and comprehensive experience for users.

With the introduction of the latest products, the vivo V17 Pro, and the Y- series, the brand is taping on factors such as affordability, durability, reliability, responsiveness, and performance. It also seeks to leverage on this on the extensive range of smartphones to be introduced in the market.

The quality quotient has always been high in vivo phones. This applies to their camera and battery capabilities in particular. The V17 Pro was the first product to introduce a dual pop up AI-powered cameras on the front while the Y-series has been recognized for the battery performance and affordability.

According to vivo smartphone Kenya CEO Arthur Xian, vivo’s penchant for innovation has massively contributed to the acceptability of the brand locally.

“Vivo has continued its innovative streak by introducing several ‘firsts’ in one of the most competitive consumer markets. From the world’s first slimmest phone to the first in-display fingerprint and many more. We have exemplified our commitment to innovate and adhere to our belief of constantly elevating our user experience,” he said.

The brand, as a move to address the pinpoint issues for customer satisfaction it has also invested in market research to better understand the trends, consumer demands, and behavior.

“Kenya is a diverse market with a unique set of consumers who have unique demands, we are gradually progressing the basis of our understanding of the market to fulfill the consumers’ demands,” he said.

Vivo is committed to the Kenyan market and looks forward to making the most of its innovation and ingenuity to deliver user experiences that Kenyan consumers love. The company is also actively investing in offline retail stores as a touch-point in Kenya to enable customers to have the first-hand experience with vivo smartphones.


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