How to get likes on Instagram and stop making SEO mistakes

Every organization works very hard to make their website have the highest search engine ranking! However, not all marketers and entrepreneurs are aware of the best optimization processes for Instagram. You can plan the best SEO activity chart for a social media platform, which helps to promote the account, enhance sales, and account for the customer. Instagram ranks the fully optimized page more as that draws increased organic traffic. It also helps in developing customer trust and high ranks.

You can also buy likes on Instagram

People like to follow accounts that have a high follower count. And increased Instagram likes are not only a “feel-good factor” for a brand, business owner, or social influencer but also a tool to promote the page. For this, you can get in touch with service providers that can help you to buy likes on Instagram. It also boosts your Instagram SEO.

The Instagram SEO mistakes

Most people think that Instagram SEO is simple and easy! But the truth is there are challenges. At times marketers, brands, and business owners overlook few necessary elements which can go against them. Some of the mistakes that you must avoid at all cost are:

  1. You lack a cohesive Instagram page

You should know about an unwritten Instagram management rule! It’s essential to create and have a cohesive feed. All the posts that you upload should have logic. The posts should have a visual context, caption, relevant hashtag, and caption. It would be best if you are consistent, and that can’t happen overnight. It’s necessary to take your time and arrive at practical captions and use hashtags that resonate with popular searches. The grid layout template should also add sense to the post.

Instagram content planning is crucial. There are many tools, like Combin Scheduler, that can help you to streamline this process. Using these tools, you can develop optimized captions, edit the current Instagram campaign, and use a set of hashtags, much before choosing to publish the post. Your online audience will not appreciate any careless mistake, and that might affect your follower count and post relevance.

  1. You fail to change all location tags

Several brands operate their business online and make location tag errors. If your work is limited to a specific place, i.e. for instance, you have a bakery or a coffee shop; there’s no need to add excess location tags. That way, you will attract an audience that aren’t relevant to your core product. But when your business functions beyond one place and you are catering to many customers across different countries, make sure to add appropriate changes to your location tags. Else, your post won’t make sense, and you wouldn’t be attracting the correct followers.

  1. You fail to incorporate keywords in your bio

It is one of the crucial parts of your overall SEO strategy! Instagram bio is the correct place where you must place relevant primary and secondary keywords. However, resort to excess keywords as that might affect the readability. Here it would be best if you used the correct hashtags. The profile bio allows all your potential followers and clients to locate you on Instagram. If you can optimize your webpage correctly, then it will pop up in the top search outcomes.

  1. You aren’t using a searchable username

The username on Instagram is an essential keyword; that’s short, distinctive, and readable. You need to assist your audience to understand the meaning of your username. Some brands use symbols and shapes in the username. It’s irrelevant, as it confuses your customers. Make sure to write the username in simple language that resonates with a product or service that the target customers search for. Here you need to resort to the old school SEO tactics and ensure that the username is close to the search query. You can check out a few successful Instagram profiles to get it correct.

  1. You haven’t used alt text

The other SEO trick you can apply for Instagram is the Alt Text. Its use was initially to enable the visually impaired audience to understand Instagram content. But today, most marketers are using it for profile optimization.

Do you want to use this tool? If yes, you should scroll down your page screen when you are making a new post. Right at the page bottom, you will find Advanced Settings. Once you press it and move to the page bottom, there’s the “Write Alt Text” option. You can tap this button and write the description you wish to, such as “Eggless muffins.” And next time users search for eggless muffins on Instagram, they will come across your profile and get to see your content. If they like your content, they will contact you, which can lead to sales.

These are some of the essential Instagram SEO mistakes that you should make! It will keep your potential customers and interested followers from knowing you exist. And that can hamper your online brand and business visibility and recall value. Correcting these mistakes will help you witness high ranks and an enhanced online presence.

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