StarTimes GO: A guide to your StarTimes e-shopping experience

The recently launched StarTimes e-shopping platform StarTimes GO allows Kenyans to access a one-stop shopping experience without the need to visit an electronics dealer or supermarket. The interactive platform supported by TV, Online and Phone call services, presents an e-shopping platform enabling Kenyans to make tailored orders.

Here’s a guide to your shopping through the hotline:

  • First, access StarTimes Go through the company’s over the top streaming media application StarTimes ON or watch the 15 minute programs that are broadcast on the pay television platform’s Rembo, Border and Triple P channels to learn the features, usage and performance of various products available for sale through the introduction of the hosts.
  • Where you still need further clarification on the product and order process, distribution and installation services, you can directly dial the shopping hotline shown on the TV programme StarTimes GO and the service staff will answer your questions in detail.
  • Secondly, identify the product of interest and reach out directly to the service staff through the hotline number where you’ll be guided on the available payment methods through a secure security payment platform.
  • The third step involves StarTimes team delivery and installation of your product. Upon confirmation of your order and payment, the service staff will contact an agent closest to your location to arrange the delivery. The agent will contact you and agree on the convenient time and right place to deliver and where there is need for technical assistance in having your product installed, you can advise the agent who will in turn come fully prepared with the proper equipments.
  • Finally, StarTimes has established an after-sales service team that is tasked with providing solutions to customers where there’re any questions about the product in use, one can call after-sales hotline for consultation at any time. The after-sales team will solve the problems on time to ensure the normal usage of the products.

Through online shopping, you can now easily complete the purchase of your preferred digital product at the comfort of your home while enjoying preferential offers, more convenient and safe services.

The shopping programme on TV is quite informative and intriguing, but the bridge between products visible on screen to products availability in your home is built on the home-delivery service. StarTimes GO has been equipped with a dedicated motor fleet to deliver products to the customers on time across urban and rural areas.

StarTimes has also set out special offers including a 1-month free subscription for decoders and TVs purchased through StarTimes GO enabling subscribers to access premium local and international content including sports, series and kids programmes thereby having access to television content for the whole family viewing experience.


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