Tips on How to Create the Ultimate Date Night

Modern life is busy and stressful and full of distractions to the point that sometimes we neglect our partners to the detriment of our relationships. We may have children and understandably they come first, but we cannot forget completely about ourselves. Maybe you work in a high flying job in the city and when you get home late all you want to do is eat, crash and fall asleep? If this sounds like you then you need to put more into your relationship or risk it becoming stale and breaking down. The best way to add some life into it is to plan a date night with your loved one to give you both something to look forward to and to remind yourselves why you got together in the first place. Here we will take a look at the best ways to create the ultimate date night.

Forget the kids!

When creating the perfect date night the kids should be as far removed from it as possible. Ideally, you will escape from the family home for a night to give yourself more privacy, but if that isn’t possible then shunt the kids off to a babysitter or willing grandparent so that you have some quality alone time with your loved one

Get rid of your mobile

Whatever you plan to do for the evening, your phone should have no part of it. Your kids are safe, forget them. The news doesn’t matter, it will wait until tomorrow, and for crying out loud, is football really that important?! You can catch up on the gossip with your friends and colleagues at work. Your date should be about you and your partner and you must do all you can to keep it that way.

Get dolled up

With kids and our increasingly busy lives, it is easy to forget about looking good and trying to impress your partner. Just because you are in your middle age it doesn’t mean to say that you cant look and feel sexy. Dress suggestively so that you give your other half a hint of what they can (hopefully) look forward to later, and flirt with each other as if it was your first date. Those feelings will soon come flooding back and you will have the perfect romantic evening.

Remind yourself why you fell in love

Often we forget what attracted us to our partners in the first place, so why not give yourselves a little reminder? If you have planned your date night indoors, then experts from recommend that you create a video of all your most cherished moments or a music roll of those most intimate songs that you used to get down and dirty to. You will soon realize what attracted you to each other, setting yourselves up for a night of passion like no other!

Head out to nature

Changing the scene can be a perfect way of creating a date night as you will be doing something that neither of you has done before, adding to the excitement and tension. Why not head out into the great outdoors for a romantic picnic in a summery meadow surrounded by flowers and the sounds of the wild? Failing that you could head out under the stars for a moonlit walk and who knows, maybe something a bit more frisky?! Create excitement, tension, and passion and your date night will be as explosive as your first night together.

Go back to the beginning

We all have memories of our first date with our current partner, and it must have gone fairly well, if you’re still together, right?! Well, why not recreate that date so those old memories come flooding back? Maybe you could upgrade it and find a Michelin starred Italian restaurant rather than the dodgy one owned by Mario and Luigi that you went to the first time around? At least it would show how your relationship has progressed over the years!

As we have discovered there are so many different ways to create a memorable date night that you have no reason not to be having at least one every month. Forget the kids and your mobile phone and make the evening about yourselves. Get dolled up in your sexiest outfit in order to titillate your partner and head outside for a picnic in the sun or a starlit walk in the woods that could lead to some risque nookie. Be sexy, remember why you fell in love and explore your feelings and emotions, transport yourselves back to the past and you will find that your love has never been stronger whilst having quite the night to remember!

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