4 steps to a rock solid digital marketing campaign to survive online

These days online competition is stiff and to survive, your business needs to stay ahead of your competitors. You might be wondering how. When it comes to search, it has evolved significantly over the last few decades, and it is not just about keywords (KWs) but more about digital conversations over numerous devices and channels.

Google rolled out algorithm updates to battle spam but today, Google is aiming to provide a pleasant user experience. With so many changes, it is imperative to mull over how marketers are approaching digital marketing as online campaigns have become conversational than before in recent years. A simple example is searching for things like, ‘Italian restaurants near me’.

According to an article published on Inc, social media shopping is one trend, which has taken the world by storm. With one click of a button, one can scroll Instagram to provide your credit card data and buy products. This has become possible due to digital marketing and social media technology. Here are the four steps to creating a robust digital marketing campaign to survive extreme competition:

  1. Discover searcher intent

Do you have products or services that fulfill your buyers’ needs? If no is your answer, you need to manufacture such products. Today, people use smartphones all the time and prefer voice search to text-based queries, and therefore, it is essential to pay more attention to topical content instead of KWs or search phrases. You need to churn out content that your targeted audience wants to read and then, develop simple and lucid content around those topics.

You have the liberty to use many tools and discover what your prospects are searching for online, or simply talk with your buyers as to what they prefer. Evaluate the kinds of questions that your website visitors and clients ask daily related to your business and products, store, location, price, and things like that. Now, these questions will capture voice as well as natural search queries.

Create web pages as well as the content surrounding these questions, which are related to visitors. You must provide the right answers, which are accurate and informative, and help to solve your buyers’ problem. KWs matter, but avoid using them as the sole focus of your web or digital content. Your blog should focus on your users and not the search phrases. KWs should be used naturally in the content and not as the primary focus of the blog. It is readability, which matters the most in this age of digital marketing. You can get assistance as to how to discover visitor intent with help from any digital marketing agency Auckland near you.

  1. Make the most of crucial FAQ data over numerous platforms

When competition is stiff, there is a necessity to make the most out of technology as well as automation to boost your marketing activities and at the same time offering outstanding customer experience.

You will find solutions that deal with the evolving digital landscape as well as that of search, where an increasing number of consumers are looking to use personal assistant devices. Now, that has become a trend, especially among Millennials. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, businesses are offering a platform to handle all their FAQs when it comes to voice search. These queries could be sourced from search engine companies like Google, Yelp, and Bing. You will find an easy-to-use dashboard to generate queries and handle the answers, thus allowing teamwork.

You can use the platforms to feed the FAQs to your business website as well as chatbots and a voice action platform. Now, once you make the most out of multiple FAQ information across several platforms, it becomes easy to boost your digital marketing campaigns for the success of your online business.

  1. Focus on exceptional user experience

The majority of modern marketers think that SEO is the only path to online success but you also need to mix every channel to boost user engagement that leads to success. When you have designed a business website, make sure it has authority, relevancy, best technical SEO, clickability, page load speed, and things like that.

Once you address all of the above, you need to improve the user experience further via recently optimized resources. You need to incorporate schemas to all technical data associated with facts and venues, integrate packages and galleries, and integrate videos, using content from YouTube and spot content possibilities.

  1. Bring into line your digital resources with content strategy

You will need to focus on whole sets of resources by placing yourself in the customer’s shoes. This way, you can bring into line the content your targeted audience wants. Content is king but you need to create information, both text and visual to pique audience interest.


Keep these tips in mind to build a robust digital marketing campaign to drive website traffic, conversions, and sales.


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