Why Use a Radar Detector

A radar detector is basically an electronic device that is designed for use by drivers primarily to detect police radar units. If police are within the vicinity, a radar detector will aptly pick up their radar gun’s signal and inform the driver beforehand. That means if someone was speeding, he or she will easily step on the brakes to decelerate just before they zoom past the traffic police officers.

Given the usage, radar detectors are illegal in some American States, while in others, the detectors are barely tolerated. Their use is governed differently in assorted jurisdictions. In fact, most radar detector users attach it to a visor or any other area that is inconspicuous and out of sight. Again, the ability of a radar detector is also determined by the model and or make of the law enforcement agent’s radar gun in that jurisdiction. Modern radar guns employed by US law enforcement agencies can detect speeding cars even when they are not stationary. This is because they are aided by computer calculations of the speed the radar signal sends from any object in the vicinity.

The radar detectors are thus tuned to that same radio frequency used by the police. One great ability of the radar detector is that it out spans the radar gun. This is how it works. The radar gun will detect a speeding car from far off. If your car speeds into the enforceable range of the radar gun, the signal is transmitted and recorded into a computer unit long before the cops can see you. That would ultimately land you in problems if you love your speed.

To solve this dilemma, radar detectors have a range exceeding that of the radar gun. That means the radar detector picks up signals from distances at which the radar gun cannot detect the speeding car. You are therefore able to decelerate to a legal speed long before you get into the radar gun’s enforceable range.

Radar detector brands promote flagship models with extreme ranges for this very reason. Uniden R3 or R1 are two of the most compared detector products from the brand as they have offered the longest detection range before the R7, the company’s current flagship was released.

So why should you use a radar detector? A million and one reasons make radar detectors worthwhile gadgets for modern day drivers. For instance:

  1. There are those days that you drive oblivious to speed limits, especially if you miss the traffic sign indicating the speed limit in a section of the highway. A radar detector will remind you to check your speed long before you are booked.
  2. There are those other times when you will be late for a crucial meeting, late to work or in hurry to get to the airport. Luckily, there will be no traffic jams and you will unconsciously step on the gas and pick up some speed. Then all over a sudden, a siren will sound behind you and you will automatically look down on your speedometer and know that you are baked for the day. A radar detector would make that an impossibility.
  3. If you are young and in the groove of things, or if you have a car that has the horsepower you will pick up a healthy tab of speeding tickets. That could add up to thousands of dollars eventually. A radar gun for you will be a cost saving measure for living on the fast lane, as they say.
  4. Insurance companies will price your car insurance premiums on the risk index. To calculate your risk index, the number of convictions for driving related offences. If you want a healthy driving history without the speeding counts and other driving menaces that we so often fall prey to, then a radar detector is your sure thing. You will be informed both in audio and visual signals about police presence in the vicinity.

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