6 Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing to Achieve Greater Success

Video marketing is the newest addition to the world of digital marketing. Videos are a powerful medium for story-telling. With the help of the right tools, they are a valuable addition to your marketing and promotion toolkit.

You can now reach the entire world through the small screens of their electronic devices. This has furthered the need for video marketing for advertising a brand. You can use a promo video maker to easily make video ads. That being said, there’s no need to worry about what to do next. You will make it. You can consult it with your marketing assessor and define if it is possible to start working hand in hand with a video production company. Even if you are heading the marking department now, you have fantastic news and goals to set..

In this article, we will have a look at the top six benefits of investing in video marketing to expand your business reach. These benefits are:

  • Videos result in a higher Conversion Rate.
  • Video Content provides a high Return on Investment.
  • Videos help in better Search Engine Optimization.
  • Mobile users find videos more intriguing.
  • Videos can be used to explain difficult concepts with ease.
  • Videos can engage even the laziest of buyers.

Since the year 2018, Wyzowl statistics have shown that almost 63% of businesses have realized the importance of using video marketing. Also, and nearly 85% of them have already made it a part of their marketing strategy. Read on to find out why you should do the same –

Top Six Benefits of Video Marketing

There are many reasons to undertake video marketing. The top six reasons are:

  1. Videos Result in a Higher Conversion Rate.

Independent Studies have shown that almost 90% of consumers believe that a video helps them in making an informed purchase. This is because videos help in delivering nearly 95% of the intended message. Texts, however, only deliver 10%.

Most of the data which is received by the human brain is visual. This makes videos an essential tool for communication. Story-telling becomes easier with the help of entertaining videos.

You can educate your viewers about your product or service quickly by placing video content on your landing page.  Once your message is delivered effectively, you can expect the conversion rate to go up. Studies show that written-content heavy pages had almost 80% lower conversion rates than pages with video content.

  1. Video Content Provides A High Return On Investment.

The process of video production can be quite expensive. However, this investment helps in generating higher revenues than any form of content. The availability of promo video makers online has made video editing more affordable. Also, with the development of technology, you can create decent videos on your smartphones as well.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that videos are meant to deliver your message. Even if they are not aesthetically appealing, they will still help you educate the customer about your product or service.

  1. Videos Help in Search Engine Optimization.

Search engines rank pages with videos higher than non-video pages. This is because of the rich media content that the videos bring to the page. Videos ensure low bounce-off rates. This helps build trust and signals the search engines that your site shows excellent content. Statistics from various studies prove that your page is 53% more likely to appear in the search engine results page if it has a video embedded.

Adding descriptions and backlinks to your website takes the Search Engine Optimization for videos to the next level.

  1. Videos Are Easy To Use On Mobile Phones.

According to YouTube statistics, mobile phone users grew by nearly 100%. With this number growing every day, it is crucial to make sure your content reaches all the mobile and smartphone users. Also, people on their smartphones are nearly 1.4 times likely to pay attention to your content than other devices.

It has been reported that almost 92% of mobile phone users share videos with their near and dear ones. This means you have to ensure a wide distribution of your video content. It would provide a broad audience. Also, users would share your video if they found the content relevant.

Moreover, most of the social media sites have the “Autoplay” feature. Thus, the video would automatically play when you scroll past it. If you could capture the attention of the viewer in the first few seconds, you can ensure that your message is delivered. An online intro maker can help you create fascinating video introductions.

  1. Videos Can Be Used To Explain Difficult Concepts With Ease.

Most people learn better through visual aids rather than written content. There can be no better way to educate your audience than moving images. If you manage to tell your story engagingly, it will directly impact your conversion rate.

You could use animation to explain a difficult concept. They are eye-catching and can bring your content to life. Animated videos have been used by many organizations to create entertaining and compelling stories regarding their product or service.

  1. Videos Can Engage Even The Laziest Of Buyers.

Most people online do not have the time or energy to go through long product descriptions. Also, seeing a product in action has a lasting impact on the buyer than reading about it. A short video explaining the product would be handy in describing the product or service that you are offering.

According to a study conducted by Apple, almost 70% of the people who watched an iPhone ad wanted to buy it right away. In comparison, only 25% of people were convinced to buy the same phone when the features were described in a written form. This shows the impact videos have on the customer.


Be it a product review, an educative webpage, or dropshipping video ads, video content has had a tremendous impact on business growth. Although the initial cost might be high, video marketing has found many takers. This is due to the high pay-off that this one-time investment gives. With online video editing becoming more affordable, we might see more videos being embedded in the webpages.

In the above article, we discussed why you should invest in Video Marketing to ensure business growth. So, get creative and use video content thoroughly.


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