Four ways to protect your new Apple iPhone

So, you’ve gone and spoiled yourself by upgrading to the latest iPhone. There’s no doubt that you can’t wait to start playing with it, checking out all the new features, and just getting used to the device, but that really shouldn’t be the first step on the to-do list. Did you know that there are some relatively simple steps you can take that will help ensure your iPhone is kept secure and safe? Although iPhones have much fewer security issues than Android devices, that doesn’t mean they are completely immune. So, here are some tips you’ll want to make use of.

Choose a secure PIN

It’s hard to remember all your passwords and PIN numbers nowadays, which is why it’s so tempting to choose one for everything, or something simple that you can remember. The problem with this approach is that it isn’t exactly secure. Experts always recommend you use a strong PIN to protect your iPhone, which boils down to a totally random code.

For an extra layer of security, you’ll always want to change that PIN code every few months just to keep things fresh. Of course, if you ever doubt the security of your device and worry the code may have been breached, you’ll want to change it immediately.

Use a VPN

If you use public Wi-Fi on a semi-regular basis, then you absolutely need to look into using a VPN. A VPN is meant to keep your device safe and secure while on public networks that aren’t secured. Without that security, all your data and traffic can potentially be shared and exposed.

So, which VPN should you use? The website is an ideal site for all things VPN related in terms of analyzing the various options and recommending which are the best of the best. The site puts all the VPNs through some really serious tests, taking care of all the research and legwork for you. Not only that, but they offer articles and how-to guides regarding VPNs. It can be a great starting point for those who are unfamiliar with VPNs or those who are relatively new to them.

Careful what you download

It can also be tempting to download all the apps that catch your eye, but it’s wise to exercise some caution. A growing problem out there right now is fake apps. The idea behind these apps is that they look real, and they appear in the actual app store, but in reality, they work to secretly gain your personal information, contact details, credit card information, passwords, and much more.

Before you download any app, make sure to read the reviews, do a little research yourself, and whenever possible, download it from that business’s actual website, so you know it’s legitimate.

Worth taking the extra steps

Although you may never have been hacked before or had any of your information stolen, you really don’t want to experience that “first time” either. Taking these simple steps to secure your new iPhone will ensure that your data and information is kept private and safe.

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