Penda Health boosts its 24-hour free virtual service to enhance access to medical experts

Penda Health has launched an initiative to encourage Kenyans to seek medical attention whenever they feel unwell and to honor medical appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Marion Kago, GM for Medical Centres, Penda Health, through the initiative dubbed #CountonPenda, is rolling out innovative ways of ensuring that healthcare is delivered to all, with the country’s healthcare system almost entirely focused on issues related to COVID-19.

“Our goal is to ensure that no healthcare needs are neglected. We have extended operating hours at all our clinics where all safety guidelines are strictly adhered to. We have also boosted capacity on Pigia Penda, our 24-hour free virtual consultation service to enable patients to speak to medical professionals. All this is geared towards ensuring that communities have access to safe and quality healthcare,” Kago added.

Other measures that Penda Health has put in place to facilitate access to healthcare under the initiative include: the option to deliver medication to patients, setting up appointments for the antenatal and infant clinics to minimize waiting time.

All these are geared towards ensuring that healthcare is available to all. With measures put in place by the government to contain the spread of coronavirus, including restriction of movement, health facilities have been receiving less patients. Some individuals are also staying away from medical centers out of fear.

Kago added that not seeking professional medical attention in time could have negative consequences on individuals, whose condition could worsen and societies could suffer increased disease burden.

“It is important that no expectant mother misses her scheduled prenatal clinics. Neither should any baby miss a vaccine appointment. Even with this pandemic, healthcare must remain available and accessible to all. This is what we are committed to do,” she explained.


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