Bart app to enable users make orders from cafes and pubs during Covid-19

Bart, a digital order-taking solution for bars, cafés, festivals and restaurants, has launched a mobile app for users. Formerly known as App’ero, the startup has improved its front-to-back process and launched its app during the lockdown to support the hospitality industry.

The startup is making its solution available free of charge to support the food industry in post-lockdown recovery in compliance with Covid-19 health regulations.

Bart is the first app that allows users to consult the menu, order and pay (with no payment limit) in one click within bars, cafés, festivals and restaurants.

By analyzing the sales, the app also makes it possible to have a better knowledge of customers, to optimize the quality of service and to boost the turnover.

“Bart is now the most complete and experienced solution on the market, from the digital menu to ordering and paying. In addition to responding to the main irritants for both consumers and establishments, the application allows the latter to increase their turnover, optimize the quality of service thanks to an easy reading of the orders and to improve customer loyalty and knowledge of their clientele. To date, the application has been launched in several Parisian bars. We finalized the implementation in about twenty other bars in France as well as in establishments in London, Portugal and Spain. We are currently making the solution available free of charge to support players in the sector,” said Amine Haddadi, co-founder of Bart app.

The Bart app allows the food sector to prepare for the resumption of activity in compliance with Covid-19 health regulations.

Bart app makes it possible to list the open establishments, thereby enabling customers to place their orders directly from their mobile phone.

All they have to do is scan the QR code or select the establishment where they are located. Once the customer is installed, no more need to touch the paper menus, the order placed on the mobile is sent directly to the kitchen and to the counter. The contactless payment is automatically made from the application, reducing the risk of non-compliance with barrier gestures.

In addition, it enables the restaurateur to better manage the cash flow by controlling the expenses.

“It is estimated that there will be a significant drop in volume in the post-Covid sector. With the solution, the establishment will be able to continue to offer quality service even during peak hours. We are currently making our solution available free of charge to support the players in the catering sector who have been hardly affected by the current crisis,” continued Amine Haddadi.

Bart has also launched #Soutienstonbar, a solidarity initiative that collects funds to support the food sector which has suffered from the lockdown by paying in advance for the consumption. The initiative is meant to make it possible to replenish the treasuries of the establishments that have suffered since the crisis and to maintain a link with customers.

“The vast majority of bars and restaurants remained closed for a long period, but still continued to pay their charges and potentially found themselves with significant financial issues. With the solidarity fund #Soutienstonbar, we wish, at our level, to help them and contribute to the Post-Covid recovery”, concluded Amine Haddadi.


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