Excellent Suggestions to Boost Your Mac’s Performance

While Macbooks are great in terms of their reliability, you will still need to deal with performance issues after a while. Any computer is going to start underperforming after a while, but that should not lead to thinking that purchasing a new model is the only solution.

No, there are better options and ones that will not cost you, unless you are thinking about taking it to the repair store or adding new hardware. And that is still much cheaper than a new computer.

The following suggestions should help everyone who is experiencing stuttering and other problems with their Macbook. Read the suggestions below and create a maintenance routine.

Suggestion #1 – Clear Junk Files

Junk files that accumulate over time might not seem like a big problem, but that usually happens because you are not aware of their existence. And they are not that large, meaning that your hard drive space is also not a concern.

However, the sheer number of these files means that the system has to process a lot of stuff, and the processing requires resources that could be used somewhere else.

A cleanup utility tool would be the best way to go around the problem. Removing junk data manually would take too much time, and there is a chance that you could delete something accidentally.

Look at some of the best free mac cleaners online and get one that fits your needs the most. And be sure to clear the computer of junk files regularly.

Suggestion #2 – Clean Dust Inside

Similar to how junk files accumulate over time, dust and dirt inside the computer will also become a big issue if not dealt correctly.

Cleaning the filth inside should become a regular thing. Do not wait until there is a potential threat to the hardware. If you hear a loud noise coming from the computer or notice a rise in the temperature, it is more than likely that too much dust is inside the Macbook. Lastly, do not think that a cooling pad will solve the issue. It is a great addition, but removing dirt and dust inside the computer should still be something you need to do.

Suggestion #3 – Scan for Malware

Infection with malware and other cybersecurity threats can also be one of the main causes behind the bad performance of your Macbook. If the problems have become sudden, do not disregard the fact that there is a virus in the system.

Scan the computer and delete files that are corrupted. Also, to prevent the issue in the future, look to be more careful when surfing the internet.

Suggestion #4 – Manage Applications

Your computer does not have infinite resources. All the applications running in the background consume some. If not managed properly, do not expect to be content with your Macbook’s performance.

Take a look at what the Activity Monitor shows. Sort apps by CPU or memory usage and try to find ways to preserve resources. For example, there is no need to have unnecessary applications running in the background. You can shut those off without any hesitation.

Suggestion #5 – Stop Memory Leaks

Memory leaks are inevitable if an application has been active for some time. It starts to distribute memory with fallacies, and your system’s performance suffers in return. Regular restarts are the simplest solution. Restarting the computer every few hours should be more than enough to prevent memory leaks from upsetting the performance of your Macbook.

Suggestion #6 – Free up Hard Drive Space

The lack of hard drive space on macOS is a common problem. The disks are not that spacious, and people with the habit of storing their data on the computer will run out of available gigabytes faster than they might think.

Be more careful with the files that you have. Delete old email attachments and downloads. Get rid of language packs that come with some applications. Finally, there are clouds or even external storage devices that you can use to transfer some data there.

Suggestion #7 – Disable Visual Effects

Visual effects offer nothing of value and can be disabled without any hesitation. Look at the Dock as well as other applications that have something to do with visual effects. There is no reason to have these enabled in the first place. Changing the setting will help with both battery life and overall performance.

Suggestion #8 – Optimize Internet Browser

Internet browsers can turn out to be the only thing causing issues. If that is the case, you might be able to enjoy using the computer, but browsing the internet can still be a big problem.

Consider trying different browsers. Or, if you want to stick to what you have right now, optimize it. Remove extensions you do not need, make sure that a browser is using the latest version, and limit the number of active browser tabs. 


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