Essential mobile applications for students in college

It’s not uncommon that these days there are apps for almost anything in the modern world. For students in college, it’s no different. Several applications help students get their lives together. Without further ado, let’s explore some of the applications and their uses in a student’s daily life. You can also find more content concerning this topic on best paper writing service.


Learning a second language is almost becoming a basic need in today’s society. It adds value to a candidate’s resume when applying for a job. Rosetta Stone, the developer of this fantastic app, makes it easy to learn a new language without extra cost. After you gain proficiency from the application, you can opt to acquire foreign language credit. Taking a CLEP exam (College Level Examination Program.) helps you get your certification.


If you’re worried about the GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, you can use this application to revise and be ready for them thoroughly. The app uses a digital flashcard system to help you revise.


Can you relate to a scenario where you struggle to make flashcards the night before an exam? You do not have to endure the struggle anymore. Cram allows its users to design custom flashcards. Similarly, you can search through the app for pre-created decks relating to your area of study.


Writing essays is part of college life. It drains the life out of you to have to write numerous essays, but with this app’s help, your life becomes more manageable. The app generates citations in MLA, APA, or Chicago automatically on your device. You can also mail the same citations to yourself.

White Noise.

The mobile app has more than 40 different sounds specifically designed to minimize any external interference when sleeping. You can work with it offline, and it doesn’t cost a penny to install.


The goal of this application is just as the name suggests; attain self-control. If you are a victim of procrastination or get distracted easily, you can consider giving this application a try to get your life on track and maintain order. The app restricts access to websites or applications that may distract your attention when doing a task.


Class registration can be a nightmare and a source of anxiety for most students. When it does not apply to all colleges, courseoff pulls up the classes offered before the registration period for some colleges. This app offers a way you can plan your routine in preparation for the upcoming registration. There is also an allowance to customize the sections on the calendar. You can also take a snapshot of your plan and share it with your peers and take the same classes as fun.

Ink flow

This app will work great for visual thinkers. The free application allows its users to sketch their ideas, and later you can export those creations to PDF or JPEG formats.

Habit List

Many people believe that it takes approximately 21 days to form and maintain a habit. On the contrary, most people often lose track of whatever they hoped to achieve by the 5th day and foregoing the whole thing. Using this app, you can be able to form finite habits quickly. After completing a task, you can check it off every day and helps you keep track of your progress.

Sleep If You Can

The name of this application is enough to send chills down your spine. It is famously known as the world’s most annoying alarm. The reason for that is because the app is simply annoying, but for a good reason. If you are not fond of waking up in the morning, this app can come to your rescue. Once the alarm goes off, you’ll have two options, you can either shake the phone to silence it, or you will need to take a photo of a physical place that will appear on the app. How’s that for annoying?


With our smartphones’ help, we can now make life easier and enjoy the advantages it has to offer. If you use your phones for social media and entertainment, you now have insight into uncomplicating your life by using the above apps.

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