For Kshs 1,000, Airtel Kenya now offering users 2.5GB daily for 30 days

In a move seemingly aimed at attracting more data users to the network and to encourage bundle purchases via its myAirtel app, Airtel is currently running a promotion where subscribers get an unbeatable offer of 75GB of data for 30 days for Kshs 1,000.

This translates to 2.5GB of data per day for 30 days, an incredible value for subscribers considering that using the USSD option gives a customer either 3GB for Kshs 300; 5GB for Kshs 500; 12GB for Kshs 1,000; 20GB for Kshs 1,500; 30GB for Kshs 2,000 or for those who can stretch their monthly data budgets further, 50GB for Kshs 3,000.

Below are the steps for subscribing to the data bundles:

  • To purchase the 75GB Binge bundle, a customer needs to open the myAirtel app.
  • Then select the ‘Self Top Up’ option
  • Choose the ‘Browse Plans’ section
  • Then from the ‘Best Plans’ section of the app, select ‘Monthly’ bundle offers from where the 75GB for Kshs 1,000 has been listed as ‘Binge 30 days 2.5GB per day’
  • From there, one can then proceed to purchase the bundle via the various options available

Apart from making airtime and data bundle purchases, myAirtel app, which went live in Kenya in mid April last year, can also be used to send and receive money via Airtel Money; pay both pre- and post-paid bills; buy goods and services from various merchants; pay various merchants (and shops) for products purchased via Lipa na Airtel Money feature; query the subscriber’s transaction history.

Whether permanent or just a temporary offer to get more data users and encourage customers to adopt the mobile app usage, the Binge 75GB offer from Airtel Kenya is incomparable to other monthly data packages offered by the telco’s industry rivals, Safaricom and Telkom Kenya.

And the promo is also timely as it comes when people are cash-strapped and struggling to get by due to the Covid-19 crisis which has led to loss of jobs in almost all sectors of the economy.

According to the latest telcom industry stats compiled by regulator Communications Commission of Kenya (CA), Airtel Kenya had 14.68 million subscribers during the period covering January to March 2020. The telco gained 0.7 percentage points during this period while its overall market share also rose 26.6 percent.

It remains to be seen what kind of impact the data offers and promos like the current 75GB for Kshs 1,000 per month will have on Airtel Kenya’s overall subscriber numbers when the stats for the next quarter are released.

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