RTX 2070 versus GTX 1080

2020 has been a hell of a year so far, and it certainly made us stay in our houses far more than usual, whether it be because of the current situation of the world or the fact that many amazing games are being released all the time. It has certainly made a lot of people consider upgrading from their usual gear. So on that note, we are going to discuss and compare two affordable and unquestionably impressive graphics cards.

Can Cheap Be Good?

New models are coming out left and right all the time, so it’s inevitable to end up feeling like a sailor lost in a sea of new tech. The ever-growing state of the market, some cheap gems can be left in the shadows of newer and far pricier versions. If your budget is pretty slim, but you still want to get considerably better speed and overall okay performance for little money, consider getting the RTX 2070. Not only is it way cheaper than GTX 1080, with an okay price under $400, it’s also compatible with ray tracing games, so you can enjoy cool features found in newer games. So if the price is the most important variable for you, RTX 2070 wins this one.

Best Quality to Price Ratio

Why pay more or even double the price when you can pay less for the same quality. Right? Well, sometimes it’s better to invest a little bit more in the long run. It’s important to consider price versus quality while considering investing in something like your computer. You don’t want to break the bank, but you want to upgrade your gear as much as possible. This is where the RTX 2070 comes in yet again, with an amazing performance score that can stand side by side with some of the newer and pricier models. While the price range goes from about 150$ up to 500$ so you can choose how far up the price range you want to go if you spend a bit more, but still considerably less when looking at the rest of the market, the specs will keep you safe and set for years to come!


Before talking about overall performance, we need to consider a couple of important variables first.

Effective speed

In this category, both graphic cards are neck to neck, RTX 2070 being ranked 18th / 639 ranked graphic cards while GTX 1080 is ranked 17th. So, even though they are very closely ranked, RTX is effectively faster.

Average score

Considering the lighting effects, and the slightly faster NBody calculation GTX 1080 performs better. On the other hand, RTX 2070 has much faster multi rendering (astonishing 354 fps over GTX’s 239 fps!).

Overclocked score

Overall, as mentioned in the average score section, RTX 2070 really is much better considering multi rendering (388 vs 260 fps). And considering the NBody calculation and the lighting effect, GTX 1080 is slightly better.

Nice To Haves

RTX 2070 is much more recent than the GTX 1080, considering that RTX 2070 came out 21 months ago while GTX 1080 came out 49 months ago. But even though it is older, GTX has some nice properties that GTX doesn’t have as much, such as better peak reflection handling and slightly better reflection handling.

Also, the Founders Edition 2070 has an MSRP of $599 which makes both the new 1080 and used 1080 Ti GPUs decent options. The price premium over the previous generation of GPUs is, for the most part, for NVIDIA’s new ray tracing technology, and unfortunately, the benefit of this is currently unknown as there are no RTX ready games.

At the end of this detailed comparison, there is no clear winner here. It really comes down to splitting hairs at this point. There is a lot more research to do if you really want to find out which GPU is ultimately better for your computer.  Both graphic cards perform incredibly well and will get your computer ready for new games in the next few years.

Everyone tends to want the best of both worlds, the best performance, best speed, as well as all the amazing luxuries they can imagine for the lowest price possible. But the reality is that video games are evolving each day and with that, the constant need for technical upgrades are inevitable…but keeping up with the high standards that aren’t all that kind to the wallet is quite hard. So be sure to your limits, make sure you are reasonable with your spending habits, but also remember that a little bit of investment can save you money in the long run.

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