Galaxy Z Fold 2 to be on pre-order until September 24 for Kshs 233,000

Samsung Electronics has unveiled the third generation Galaxy Z Fold 2 phone to the global market. The launch took place virtually from the electronics manufacturer’s headquarters in Korea. This is the second virtual launch that the global tech company has had in the last month after the unveiling various devices in the Note series in early August, a tactic that most businesses have resulted to due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the most anticipated foldable phone for Galaxy fans to hit retail shelves this year. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the successor to last year’s Galaxy Fold has a full-size 6.2-inch front screen, giving users far more screen space than the previous generation Galaxy Fold. The main, internal display is now 7.6-inches with a 120Hz refresh rate. The internal display uses the same foldable glass that was used in the Galaxy Z Flip. The phone has a thinner gap between the display and re-engineered technology between the hinge.

A key added value for users of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the one-year accidental damage warranty. This will give users peace of mind that if they accidentally break the screen or damage the device in any other way they are covered for the repair expenses which is important for all smart phone users.

“The journey to reach the next generation of mobile is full of originality and innovation, this journey is driven by user feedback. With the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 user feedback was at the heart of every meaningful improvement and upgrade that we made on the device with the aim of ensuring that we enhance the overall user experience,” said Mr Seok Min Hong, MD, Samsung Electronics East Africa.

Samsung has an open and collaborative approach to partnerships. Through a long-standing partnership with Google, Samsung established an open ecosystem for foldable devices. With this partnership, Samsung has fostered foldable UX innovation to realize the goal of creating the ultimate form factor. Furthermore, a trusted partnership with Microsoft, combined with the Galaxy Z Fold2’s advanced hardware and large screen experience, allows users to maximize their productivity in mobile environments.

With the Galaxy Z Fold2, users can access ultra-fast speeds thanks to its full 5G band compatibility, while the 4,500mAh All Day Battery and Super-Fast Charging means one can do more without worrying about their battery life. Galaxy Z Fold2 also offers Samsung DeX wireless connection for clutter free and wire free work productivity, while Ultra-Wide Band technology is integrated into the device making it quick and easy to share files, photos or videos with Nearby Share. 

The Galaxy Z fold 2 is made for the people who are looking for a pocketable phone that doubles as a tablet. “We are changing the face of technology every day. This phone is the person who wants to do more, it’s for the person who is looking to integrate the phone and tablet into once device, it’s for the person who is always on the go which is why we also why we added the accidental damage warranty,” said Charles Kimari, Samsung East Africa’s Head of Integrated Mobile.

The Fold 2 will be made available in both “mystic black” and “mystic bronze” color options. The phone will also have a customizable option for the hinge color.

“The first Generation Galaxy Fold phone did very well in the Kenyan market with stocks selling out two times faster than expected, meaning that the phone actually fills a gap in the market. With the Galaxy Z Fold 2, we want to encourage people to maximize their potential by doing all they can on one device,” stated Kimari.

He further added that: “The Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a thinner body and reduced gap between the screens, making it fit better in a pocket. The device has a dual intelligent battery that will last all day, making sure that the user has maximum use of the device when they actually need it during their busy day”.

The Generation Z Fold 2 will retail for Kshs 233,000 and will be available for pre-orders from September 11 to 24, 2020 at select stores.

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