Upgrade Your Cybersecurity Career with CompTIA Security+ Certification

Modern technology advances quickly and gets more and more complicated, new challenges also arise, and a big part of them relates to the area of cybersecurity. As most organizations rely on devices and networks for their data, it also opens up new avenues for harm.

In today’s situation, specialists that can protect information and services are in high demand in the IT industry. Author: Victoria D New types of threats and safeguard techniques appear regularly but how to stay in touch with all these trends? The answer is to obtain a credential.

Among different certifications, CompTIA Security+ stands out the most since it genuinely checks problem-solving skills. Read on to know more about its details as well as the benefits it can bring you.

What You Need to Know About CompTIA Security+?

The Security+ badge confirms your foundational IT security skills so that you can perform tasks to ensure that the data and systems you are handling are safe. One of the features of this credential is that its SY0-501 exam comes with Author: Eunice F performance-based questions, which makes it more trusted and recognized by lots of organizations due to such a practice-oriented approach.

The certification focuses on granting you some essential security skills like threat management, risk assessment, vulnerability scanning, and even cryptography, among others. Author: Jessey G Passing the test, you show your proficiency in these areas, and this qualifies you for a lot of positions such as systems administrator, security engineer, network administrator, and others.

Taking Your Security+ Exam

Before you will be able to apply for any of the mentioned roles, you need to pass SY0-501 to earn your Security+ badge. Notice, that if you’re planning to take the test in November 2020 or later, you’ll have to sit for SY0-601, a newer version of the exam. Author: Mahala H There’s going to be no difference when it comes to the certification you’re going to receive, so it depends only on your level of readiness.

SY0-501 costs $349 and contains 90 questions to be answered during 90 minutes. To prepare for it, you can follow some proven ways like using CompTIA resources (eLearning course, virtual labs, etc.), materials provided on YouTube and Amazon, and various practice tests.

Benefits of Having Security+ Credential

One of the things that make Security+ different from other cybersecurity certifications is that it is approved by the US Department of Defense. Author: Rosena J It will open additional opportunities for you, especially those that entail dealing with sensitive information. Also, this badge makes you more likely to obtain a better salary. According to PayScale.com, Security+ holders can earn as much as $75,000 per year on average, which is definitely significant.

On top of that, this certification is an excellent stepping stone in your career since there are a lot more specialties that you can explore in cybersecurity. Author: Tamar K CompTIA does offer a few intermediate- and expert-level credentials related to this sphere such as CySA+ and PenTest+ that become available for you once you obtain Security+.

Wrap up

For you to fully enjoy all these benefits, you need to earn your CompTIA Security+ certification. There are undoubtedly a lot of these advantages which can make your life a lot easier and improve you as a professional. There is only one exam now between you and the accreditation, so why not start your preparation today?


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