Transsion gets go-ahead for new tech incorporation

Transsion Holdings, owner of top Kenyan mobile phone brands such as TECNO and Infinix, has announced that they have successfully submitted a computing photography system, which was subsequently approved by the International Telecommunication Union. This approval marked the company’s official launch of standardized computing photography. Despite constant technological advancements being made, smartphone photography continues to be limited by several things including hardware size as well as imaging modules. Thankfully, smartphones have come a very long way since the days of VGA cameras.

Computation technology has transformed smartphone photography

Computational photography makes it possible for smartphones to take photos to rival those shot with top-of-the-range cameras. This is the exact technology that allows Google’s Pixel 3 smartphone to capture photos that can rival a $4,000 Canon 5D Mark IV SLR camera. Computation photography entails the use of a range of computer processing functionalities that makes it possible to produce images that are enhanced beyond what the lens and camera sensor picks up. According to Transsion, who owned a 44% of the overall smartphone market in Kenya during 2019,similar technologies can soon be expected to feature in their CAMON line of smartphones.

Better photos, better for the environment

There are a number of reasons why digital cameras, including those found on smartphones, have replaced analog cameras. Apart from sporting increasingly advanced features, smartphone cameras are also gaining popularity for another reason. Like standard digital cameras, they are considered to be less harmful to Mother Nature, making them a top choice among Kenya’s more eco-conscious photographers.

While digital cameras and smartphones do eventually need to be disposed of, developing camera film has a severe impact on the environment. Apart from the chemicals required for film development, it is impossible to only print selected photos as is the case with digital photography. The upcoming offerings from Transsion are promising to deliver on features and practicality, making them a worthy alternative for casual photographers who may still have a lingering attachment to old-school film cameras.

AI to become a regular feature

Transsion further offered more information about what can be expected from the upcoming Camon 16 Series. According to a company spokesperson, the AI Vision Optimization Solution (TAVIOS) will, among other things, feature a ‘professional and perfect’ portrait mode. It really is no surprise that Transsion is embracing AI to a large extent. During the course of 2019 a range of phones, including the Camon 15, were launched that boasted AICam features such as scene recognition. There is a lot to look forward to in the Camon 16. In a bid to be established as a reputable camera phone, the latest offering will be embedded with a 64MP back and 48MP front camera to rival the best on the market.

Transsion is making every effort to become established as a market leader in smartphone camera technology. Looking at the features of the Camon 16 it is safe to assume that their latest offering will be extremely popular in the Kenyan market.

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