Ndoto Zetu initiative donates fish coolers, water pump to 6 groups in Kwale and Kilifi counties

Safaricom Foundation’s Ndoto Zetu initiative has supported six groups in Kwale and Kilifi with self-employment projects worth Kshs 800,000, thereby impacting close to 4,000 people in the two counties.

In Kwale County, Tsamvulani Mwache Fishermen and Traders Association received water pumps and fish coolers while Huhenzane and Taru Groups benefitted from baking equipment and a posho mill respectively.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is much more than a health crisis, it’s also an unprecedented socio-economic crisis. That is why our Ndoto Zetu initiative is focusing on supporting the requests we have received in the health sector as well as empowering community groups like the ones we are supporting in Kwale and Kilifi. Some of the groups we have supported are those that comprise of people living with disabilities because we believe that no one should be left behind when it comes economic empowerment”, said Joseph Ogutu, Chairman, Safaricom Foundation.

(TOP: Tsamvulani Mwache Fishermen and Traders Association in Kwale County, Fatuma Ningala – left – and Kwekwe Mrina, sample the equipment donated to their group by Safaricom Foundation. Safaricom Foundation’s Ndoto Zetu initiative donated two fish coolers and a water pump at a cost of Kshs. 125,000) .

Other groups that received support include Wesa Pefa children’s Home, Lola Rako women’s group and the Bahati group for the disabled all in Kilifi county. They each received items to help them with their sources of income and livelihoods including a solar pump system, sewing machines, and a coconut grating machine.

Last month the foundation, through Ndoto Zetu, donated equipment worth Kshs 5.7 million to 14 health facilities across the country.

Ndoto Zetu, which is part of the Foundation’s philanthropic partnerships, aims to support individual Kenyans who are keen to make an impact in their communities through social investments.

Through the initiative, Safaricom Foundation asks Kenyans to share their dreams and aspirations that they hope to achieve that will have a positive impact on their communities. During the first phase of the initiative last year the foundation implemented over 300 projects across 40 counties at a cost of Kshs 30 Million reaching more than 50,000 people.

Below is the list of beneficiaries:

  • Water pumps and Fish coolers to Tsamvulani Mwache Fishermen and Traders Association, Kwale County funded at Kshs 125,000
  • Baking Machine and baking stands and baking tables and metallic trays to Uhenzani Self helf Goup, Kwale County funded at Kshs 200,000
  • Posho Mill  to Taru Physically Challenged Group, Kwale County funded at Kshs 100,000
  • Solar Pump System to Wesa Pefa Children’s Home, Kilifi County funded at Kshs 67,000
  • 4 sewing Machines, 1 centre table and 1000 Needles to Bahati Disabled Group, Kilifi County funded at Kshs 100,000
  • Coconut Grating Machine, 10 buckets, 1 White cotton, 5 Funnels, Sause pan and 10 Plastic Containers to Lola Rako Women, Kilifi County funded at Kshs, 207,950


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