Realme C11: The entry-level smartphone which gives the user far more for less   

The number of mobile subscribers in Kenya stood at around 55 million at the beginning of the year according to industry statistics from the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA). And a significant number of these subscriptions are from owners of smartphones.

Unlike a decade ago when Android-powered smartphones were still mainly a preserve of the mid- and high-end segment of the market, the situation has since undergone a transformation with the entry of new vendors, leading to a steep drop in prices. Which is all to the benefit of the consumer who now access to devices with far much superior features and specs at an affordable, something that was unheard of a few years back.

One of the latest entrants in Kenya’s smartphone market is realme. The vendor, declared the fastest growing smartphone brand globally in the first quarter of the year even amidst the challenges wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic, has recently launched two models in the local market, the realme 6 and real C11.

Because our focus is on the entry-level smartphone segment, this post is about the realme C11.

Coming with a reasonable price tag of less than Kshs 10,000 (it actually retails at Kshs 9,999), the realme C11 packs a number of admirable and advanced features and specs compared to other models retailing at the same price point.


For an indication, looks at the specifications and features of the device:

  • Screen: 6.5 inches, 720 x 1560 pixels
  • Colour variants: Pepper Grey, Mint Green
  • Main camera: 13MP + 2MP dual
  • Selfie (front) camera: 5MP
  • Operating System: Android 10.0; Realme UI 1.0
  • CPU: 2.3 GHz, Octa-core
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Battery: 5,000mAh, Li-Po

Unique features

And that is as far as the weaknesses we could identify within the realme C11 go. From here, the device delivers more and more advanced features and benefits to the consumer.

With its 6.5-inch mini-drop full-screen, the realme C11 offers the users a larger field of view which is ideal for taking and displaying media, both photos and video. The large screen also provides an exceptional gaming experience to the user, almost similar to that offered by a full-screen smartphone.

Another notable feature of the realme C11 is its considerably bigger sized battery of 5000mAh. For heavy and non-stop smartphone users who fear their devices running out of charge while in the middle of an activity – either a conversation, video call or chat session; streaming a movie or watching a saved on the phone; or in the middle of an online gaming contest – the 5000mAh battery capacity in the realme C11 offers the user the needed peace of mind to concentrate on the activity without worrying about the battery level.

The features highlighted above, and more, should give you the buyer all the more reason to choose the realme C11 during your next smartphone purchase and derive maximum value from your expenditure. Especially now that we’ve less disposable income due to the Covid-19 crisis.


Like other smartphone models retailing for or below Kshs 10,000, the realme C11comes with MediaTek Helio G35 processor model with no fingerprint scanner as a security feature. Being a an entry-level device and targeting mainly consumers making their transition from feature phones to smartphones, the realme C11 doesn’t ship with earphones in the box, meaning that users have to acquire these separately, and at an additional cost.


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