Developers: This is why HUAWEI app creation tools work better for you

Where talent meets opportunity, great things are bound to happen. HUAWEI Mobile Services’ (HMS) continued support for the local developer community’s app innovation, through the provision of leading technology infrastructure and guidance, reflects this understanding. As a result, with a thriving app development landscape, it will be interesting to see the great impact of apps in today’s world.

The ability of apps to problem-solve and the convenience these deliver are playing an increasingly important role in making things easier in the lives of tech-savvy digital citizens – especially in the new normal. Building apps that are innovative and practical therefore has never been more important. It’s not just about simply creating apps to meet a basic standard or need. Excellence in developer craftsmanship looks to help solve even the most miniscule of challenges or problems for users.

HMS Core offers developers a rich array of capabilities, which facilitate efficient development, fast growth, and flexible monetisation options. With a diverse set of 27 kits available to develop HMS Core integrated apps, developers have access to a variety of service capabilities that they can incorporate into their apps. The result,  an enhanced user experience; be it for location tracking, sign-ins, in-app purchases, ads, face detection, text recognition, and many more. The HMS Core toolkit provides developers with high quality tools to facilitate app creation, coding, conversion, debugging and ultimately platform integration and release.

Helping developers to grow their skills by harnessing its comprehensive and highly advanced toolkit, as well as assisting them to develop and monetise their apps, working with HUAWEI makes sense for developers. For any developer eager to grow with the successful HUAWEI brand, the HMS Core toolkit is a great, if not a better choice for innovating groundbreaking mobile apps which are primed for the HMS Core ecosystem.

There is also a golden opportunity to be part of HUAWEI’s growing and successful ecosystem. As the new generation of HUAWEI devices operate entirely on HUAWEI’s mobile ecosystem, integrating apps with the HMS ecosystem is a smart choice in order to retain and grow their apps exposure.

Here are some of the HUAWEI Integration Kits which are available to developers:

Push Kit

Smartphone users like to stay informed, up to the minute. The Push Kit enables real-time notifications to be pushed from the cloud to user devices instantaneously. It has a 99 percent delivery rate and covers over 200 countries, including South Africa.

Account Kit

Being able to seamlessly sign into an app with one click using HUAWEI ID, instead of having to register first with an email address, is something users appreciate. Offering a quick and safe way for users to sign in to apps, the two-factor authentication-based HUAWEI ID Account Kit offers developers access to the massive HUAWEI user base and to quickly get users’ authorisation to access their information.

In-App Purchases

Incorporating the In-App Purchases Kit into an app makes it easier for users to make payments using multiple methods and thereby boost their in-app purchases.

The kit supports automatic pricing for products at 195 price levels using 78 languages and local currencies in 170+ countries. One of the kit’s advantages is that it enables the management of subscription relationships, subscription periods, subscribed products, and promotional activities to help developers gain a stable revenue.

Game Service

Game Service helps to build basic game functions at a low cost. The functionality includes listing of achievements, player data statistics, event reporting, leader-boards and saved games.

Ads Kit

With mobile apps increasingly becoming important in the daily lives of users, the strong engagement with apps can be leveraged for monetisation through in-app advertising. The Ads Kit enables high-quality and personalised ads on a developer’s app through the publisher service platform, which obtains high-quality ad content. Standard ad revenue share between the ads network and the developer is 70:30. However, with HUAWEI, all developers who integrate with Huawei Ads kit will get 90% revenue share in 2020 and 80% in 2021.

Map Kit

The Map Kit provides location-based services with functions for map display, map interaction and route planning. It covers multiple countries and regions, and supports several kinds of traveling modes including driving, cycling and walking.

HUAWEI continues to robustly do the ground work in uplifting developer talent across the world. Locally, the launch of the Shining-Star developer programme in South Africa in 2019 further indicates HUAWEI’s commitment to enabling access to resources and training, and its commitment to strengthening the developer community one tool at a time.

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