All you Need to Know about Voice-Overs

A video stands out when there is a commentary off-camera to describe the events occurring on screen, to ensure that it makes sense. This prevents the audience from being overwhelmed when there is too much text on the screen and supports various learners. It is termed as voice over in which a person, who may not necessarily appear on the screen, reads it out from a script. It even plays along with the on-screen speaking characters and background music. Thus the dependency on online audio to video converter gets eliminated. In this article, we will see various aspects of voice-overs.

Use of voice-overs: 

The various uses of voice-overs are enlisted below:

  • In the field of communication:

A quick video with a soothing voice is used to make important announcements in a company because people do not have the patience to go through long paragraphs of texts in email or read out posters for the same. The important points and details can be conveyed through animations to make it more interesting.

  • Educational sector:

Voice-over plays a major role in auditory learning by making the content more approachable. The information presented visually is much more appealing when it is reinforced by suitable audio. During these times of COVID, when remote teaching has become widely prevalent, voice-overs result in a significant outcome through a calm voice that has a steady pace.

  • Marketing field:

The catchy phrases used in advertisements help us remember the brands easily. In a video, voice-overs work in the same way for making the content sticky enough to attract more consumers. It adds emotion to the video, making it persuasive by addressing the concerns of consumers in a much efficient way.

Need for a right voice-over actor: 

There are various purposes for which you need to choose the right voice over actor for a brand. These are explained under the following points:

  • Quality of audio for clarity:

Audio quality is quite important in a video narration because it helps in delivering a message with clarity for capturing the attention of viewers. Thus, people will start noticing your brand, and its awareness will increase. Business firms who want to create compelling explainer videos for improving their marketing strategy will find voice-overs quite important.

  • Voice-over actor’s tone makes a video more inspirational:

When you use a professional voice over, it will add the right tones with the right pauses that will be inspiring as well as interesting for the audience to hear. Unprofessional voice-overs make a video quite boring, resulting in complete failure of all your efforts because people stop watching the video just after a few seconds or minutes.

  • Audience identification:

When you know your target audience well, choosing the right voice-over actor becomes easy so that he can narrate the video in an influential way. This will help the viewers in feeling that they are closely associated with the brand. So before selecting a voice-over actor, a business firm must do in-depth research to know their target audience clearly.

  • Instilling trust in the audience:

A confident and credible voice-over actor will instill trust in the minds of the audience for the brand that is being advertised. For this, it is advisable to opt for native voice over actors who can relay the message in the local language, to result in more effective outcomes.

  • Audience can be driven to action:

The primary purpose of creating videos is to convince the viewers to take action by purchasing goods or services. It is important that the voice over actor clearly announces ‘call to action,’ irrespective of the video type. This will take the viewers in the right direction.

  • Adding a new dimension to the video:

A trained voice-over actor can add an extra dimension and personality to your video, making it more lively, to create a lasting impression on the minds of the audience regarding the brand.

  • Spark interest in the audience:

A video with an effective voice over will spark curiosity among the audience so that they will be more interested in exploring the firm, its various products, and services. The voice-over actor must have the potential to match the video’s quality and efforts put by the firm for creating it.

  •  It makes people remember your brand:

When there are a large number of brands in the market for a certain product or service, it becomes important to stand out in the crowd by making it more impactful. This can be accomplished by a trained or professional voice-over actor. You need to consider keeping him/her over a long term period to ensure consistency, that will help people in remembering the brand.

His/her distinct voice will be one of the most important aspects with which the brand can be associated. This is because he/she can tactfully add a catchiness factor that everyone can recognize instantly.

Selecting voice-over actors:

When you want to add audio to a video, it is essential to find a voice-over actor. Online platforms can be used for hiring the best voice over actors easily to ensure that the marketing strategy is adhered to for ensuring the success of the brand. For example, at, you will have access to over 2 lakh such well-known resources that are used by renowned companies like Microsoft, History Channel, and many others. Since there are resources who are multilingual and know foreign languages well, any country can easily choose the suitable resource irrespective of the native language.

You can also anyone who wants to join this field, it’d take a little time and practice but you would get cost-effective service.


A voice-over actor is not simply a “talk over” for a video because they are efficient in dealing with more complex issues such as the exact requirement of a video and the best way of conveying the information in the most efficient manner by adding a subtle touch of emotions to it. In short, we can say that they make the video appear more credible, appealing, and professional. Thus the target audience gets the right information, making the investment and efforts of the business firm worth it.


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