Maisha Magic Plus to add docu-drama series Chozi on DStv

Maisha Magic Plus is set to launch a new exciting docu-drama titled Chozi on Sunday October 4, 2020 which will premiere at 20.00EAT on DStv 163. Chozi is a 45-minute documentary that narrates real-life stories of people who went through tragic moments that ultimately changed their lives. Fictional characters enact these scenarios to make the show interactive and give the documentary a more dramatic spin.

Speaking about the new show, Margaret Mathore, Channel Head, Maisha Magic Plus, said: “As a channel, our mandate is to continue to find fresh content that is relatable and also share stories that educate and disrupt by exploring various topics and experiences that exist within our society,” said Margaret Mathore, Channel Head of Maisha Magic Plus.

Mathore further explained that fictional characters will enact these powerful stories to bring stories to life. The nature of the production is also gripping and ensures one is glued to their seats from the very beginning to the very end.

Mathore mentioned that it is in the enthralling and lamentable stories that one is set to potentially find comfort and sincerely hopes that the sharing of such real and sometimes heart wrenching stories will bring about a sense of healing and coping mechanisms including the acknowledgment that one does not need to feel that they are alone after experiencing a horrific ordeal.

“The ending is not always sad and gloom,” said Mathore. “Like real life some stories, the season will have some happy endings from time to time. Either way, we hope that the viewers can find a sense of redemption to their ordeals that they have had to overcome or are currently overcoming” she concluded.

Chozi will premiere on Sunday October 4, 2020 and will air every Sunday exclusively on Maisha Magic Plus available exclusively on DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact on DStv channel 163.


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