Xiaomi leads the world ‘startup’ and launches to the US market

Xiaomi not only wants to be the most valued ‘startup’ in the world, as it ended in 2014, but now also wants to dominate the United States market with a new eCommerce website. Through the domain Mi.com, for the moment, its intention is to launch some of its products, for example Redmi phone types.

Under the name of Mi.com, the Chinese manufacturer wants to develop the business idea based on an interface that seeks the maximum satisfaction of its customers, who intervene in the process of improving and updating it.

The idea is not to go out to the North American market to sell Xiaomi phones. The reason that is suspected, speaks of the problems with regulations (as it also happens in India), which would force them to pass rigorous controls of software, certification of their hardware, in addition to other issues related to infrastructure or logistics, a unanimous opinion in the different specialized internet portals. In the absence of this direct sale, what the company is looking for is awareness of the brand in the country, through the sale of other products that require fewer efforts to adapt to the country’s legislation.

Spectacular numbers

Xiaomi’s numbers are spectacular. Its growth has allowed it to obtain a place in the top 5 of mobile sellers worldwide, although its growth has been the higher of all of them, since it has gone from 1.5% of the market to 5.2%, reducing the percentage by 8 points of the world leader (Samsung) and other powerful operators such as LG, which disappear from this group of the five largest mobile phone sellers in the world.

Xiaomi is a pure player that allows you to adjust your costs in the manufacture of terminals, bet on a pricing policy to attract new customers and sell your software and services as the main model of your business. The Chinese company has been accused of plagiarizing the competition and the truth is that so far it has bought more than 3,000 patents.

Another of Xiaomi’s highlights is its great commitment as a brand on Social Networks; 15 million followers through Weibo (the Chinese Facebook), 6 million in WeChat, and a total of 40 million users who move through its forums. In addition, it mixes that online and physical marketing, promotes meetings and parties for its fans, a model that has allowed them to find that feedback that, for example, they transfer to their weekly updates.

The claims of the Chinese giant do not stop there, and its intention is to unseat Samsung and Apple from the leader in sales of smartphones in the world. And the date has been set as 2024 to achieve it, although others speak of five years for it to be able to achieve it. For this reason, it wants to increase its presence in the three continents. The company’s expansion objective is to reach highly populated places (India, Brazil, the United States …) to be able to sell its smartphones at a competitive price in terms of value for money.


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