How to Keep Your Development Team Motivated 

Remote workspace has been increasing rapidly. Many companies have acknowledged the importance of having a small development and testing team. Moreover, the present COVID-19 pandemic has stressed on the topic exponentially. Various companies have already set up a successful work from home environment, although this is just the first step of the entire process. The second and most crucial part of the process is to keep your team motivated. Remote development lacks physical interaction within the employees.

So, you need to use unique methods to meet this loophole. In this article, we are going to discuss the effective measures to motivate your testing team remotely.

Effective Ways To Keep Your Testing Team Motivated Remotely

As the working style is changing, you also have to change your adaptation ways with it, which means you need to implement innovative ways to motivate your development team. So, we are going to discuss some of the most effective ways to serve this purpose:

  1.     Role of  The Company Leaders

Company leaders have a significant role in the entire process. During these times, you need to relax some of your work rules and functions in remote development. In simple terms, we would recommend you reduce your restrictions on project guidelines, submission deadlines, etc. These small changes will reduce the mental pressure on your employees who are still getting used to the work culture. Additionally, it will be a great measure if the company admins could inquire about the employees’ well-being periodically. Also, you can keep your work engaging. It will keep your employees engaged as well.

If the testing team lacks motivation, they will lose their ability to think creatively and innovatively. Thus, you must ensure to eliminate this issue at all costs. A demotivated team will hit your capacity to deliver superior products. A handy measure is to make your employees feel special. In simple terms, you can assign them tasks that only they can accomplish. Thus, they will feel their importance in the company and will uphold their motivation.

  1.     Be Responsive and Available

It would help if you made your employees feel that they are still cared for. They shouldn’t think that since they are out of sight, they are out of mind. You can make a call, send an email to them and inquire about their wellbeing and mental health. Furthermore, you should praise them for their hard work and acknowledge their company’s role, which boosts their motivation.  You should listen to their requests or suggestions and try to fulfill them. This will make them realize that their value is still the same even though their working style has changed.

A good company leader always looks after the wellbeing of his employees. In these strange times of global pandemic, mental health has become a serious issue worldwide. Thus, it becomes your responsibility to use your abilities for good.

  1.     Add A Social Element

Since your employees will be working from home, they won’t see anyone working near them. It might make them feel left out or trigger other absurd feelings on their mind. As a leader, you must ensure that your employees don’t feel alone and left out. You can focus on creating some positive connections for your employees so that they can get their minds out of all absurd thoughts. For instance, you can organise happy hour meetings on weekends using various group video call applications. Encourage your team to take part in these calls and raise a glass appreciating each other’s role. The need for formal attire can be left out on these meetings.

You can also create specific voice channels or WhatsApp groups that aren’t meant for official use. Thus, your employees can get over their formal tone here and focus on relaxing their work stress.

  1.     Tech Can Support Collaboration

Various applications help the organizations to share project information among the users. Some of the market leaders in this field are Trello, Asana, and Yammer.

These apps break down all the massive projects into small chunks of data to distribute among the respective employees. Thus, it helps to keep all the members connected and makes the remote workstation a massive success. Additionally, these virtual workspace keeps the employees motivated as it gives them the same office vibes. All the testers can work close to each other and continue delivering high-quality software to the market. As an owner, you should also keep a watchful eye on the projects’ progress on these apps. Thus, you can step-in in case you see an unusual delay in any project completion. You should ensure that the wait isn’t due to any health issues of an employee.

  1.     Continue Sharing Data

A virtual remote workspace consists of a quiet space, lots of snacks, decent internet connection, and access to all the required data. A tester cannot function if he doesn’t have the data that he needs. So, you should ensure that you provide all the relevant data to all of your testers. You can use cloud-based data sharing services such as Google Drive to meet this purpose.  You can provide everyone with links that leads them to the data they need.

Furthermore, you can encourage all your testers to save their data on the cloud instead of their personal computer. It will help create a group, and all the employees can access every bit of information they need at any instance of time.  Thus, your remote testing team will not waste a lot of time sorting out data for the task. Instead, they can use this time in development and decrease their testing time.

  1.     Use Tools That Support Communication

WhatsApp is an efficient tool that helps us communicate with friends and family at any point in time. There is no language or location barrier in this user-friendly application. Similarly, specific testing tools help all the users to communicate with each other. These high-quality applications have superior testing features, and they help to test software and web applications efficiently. Additionally, it supports all the testers to synchronize the efforts by creating an excellent communication bridge. They allow you to share your screen information with others and record the video meetings that can be later used for reference purposes.  Additionally, the testers who weren’t able to join the discussions can refer to this information to learn about the project status. As an owner, you can use these tools to alert your testers about all the last-minute changes and additions.

LambdaTest is a high-quality cloud-based automation testing tool. It is famous all over the testing industry of its superior features. Let us look at some of the competitive offerings of LambdaTest:

It allows you to test your web application on over 2000 browsers.

The cloud-based service ensures that you can test your application on devices that have just been released.

It also tests your applications on hundreds of real devices to ensure that it is entirely functional.

LambdaTest is very supportive of individual testers and new companies. For instance, their free plan has enough features to test your application effectively.

Their paid plan is reasonably priced compared to the massive range of features it has.

This application also supports the remote testing team. It has various features that help the testers to communicate with each other and exchange necessary data. This application also supports DevOps, which means that the testing team can work with the development team to ensure that they can deliver high-quality applications. We highly recommend companies checkout LambdaTest as it can solve all their issues regarding the remote testing team.

  1.     Celebrate Your Success

A pinch of motivation can work wonders in some instances, even with a remote testing team. You can call for meetings to share good news among the groups. It is unnecessary to think that the testing team will be motivated only with the announcement of its success. Instead, any team’s success can encourage them as long as it is from the same company. Furthermore, when the success comes from the other team, a sense of competition arises within them. Thus, they work more diligently to have their names on the success list next time.

It is also an excellent option to recall your old achievements at this time. The workers can identify their potential and the extent of their talent.  Thus, they can overcome their sense of being in an alien world and come back to their full potential. A successful company always needs to acknowledge the role of all of its employees behind the success.

  1.     Host Virtual Hook-ups

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or a massive company; you must ensure that you conduct frequent video conferences with all of your testers. This move has many benefits. You can keep track of your employees’ progress in all the projects and ask them to show their activities. Thus, you can keep track of all the activities in your company. Additionally, you can use video conferencing to inquire about your testers’ wellbeing and ensure that they aren’t overwhelmed by their workload. It would be best if you also listened to their request or feedback so that you can improve your company’s remote testing team. We recommend all the company leaders to give early notice about these meetings to their workers to prepare themselves for the conferences.

The Verdict

These methods can help you to deal with the financial crisis and team demotivation. Keep in mind that jobs are essential for the employees, and any issue might affect their household. So, create a workspace that helps them maintain their position and supports them mentally and financially. These times of pandemic has shown us two possible scenarios of remote teams. The first case is the companies that successfully experimented and adapted to these changes. And the second case showed us companies who couldn’t adjust to this massive transition and froze completely.

Thus, we can conclude that the points discussed in this article can help the companies adapt to the change in the work environment and style. Following the above will help your company to function like it used to. You won’t have to face the same tragic fate as many others.


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