Five tools for editing photos on your mobile device

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The age of the camera is over, as most people find it more convenient to take photos with their mobile devices. It helps that many modern phones are equipped with decent cameras, but they don’t usually come with any editing capabilities. If you want to edit your photos, you will need to seek out a tool, and that usually means an app. With that in mind, here are five of the most useful ones that we could find.

InVideo Meme Templates

For those who spend a lot of time on social media, memes are a part of everyday life. And, of course, everyone wants to have the dankest memes. A lot of people think that you need a computer to make these things, but it has become a lot easier these days. InVideo Meme Templates is the meme editor that we recommend, mostly because it offers the most user-friendly interface and works well with any photo format. Unlike many popular meme-making apps, this one offers a huge template library. With thousands of different options, there should be something for everybody in here. It’s a specialized tool, but a highly efficient one.

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XGIMP Image Editor

Photoshop is basically the gold standard when it comes to photo editing. However, Linux users would say that GIMP is just as good. For those who don’t know, GIMP is a Linux program that offers all the same features as Photoshop, except that it’s free. It is a little bit harder to use, but the learning curve is not all that steep. XGIMP is a streamlined version for mobile devices, and it is a high-quality choice. When you really need precision editing, this is a great choice. It even offers image conversion so that you can view your photos on other devices.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Everyone knows that Photoshop is the world’s most popular photo editing tool. Of course, it’s not exactly cheap, either. Surprisingly, however, Adobe has made a free photo editing app that offers quite a bit. You can do simple things like crop your photos and add filters, and you can even do a few of the more advanced things like splicing photos together. That being said, this does not offer anywhere near as many options as the standard Photoshop program, so it lags behind XGIMP in that regard. However, it’s also a lot easier to use. The slick graphical interface makes it so that anyone can use this app with little delay.


VSCO is a very handy program that is exceptionally easy to use. It can edit videos as well as photos, making it a very well-rounded tool. A lot of people have also commented on the wide array of filters that this app offers, and you can get a lot of presets as well. It can also sync with your camera so that you can begin editing immediately, which is a plus. The only downside with this app is that you can’t directly share to some of the more popular social media sites. Another problem is the fact that this app is not entirely free. You can get the free version, but many of the best features won’t be included.


This one is kind of a specialized tool, but it does offer some stunning effects. It renders your photo into something that looks like a painting. Not only can you edit the colors and tints, but you can even apply the styles of several famous painters like Rembrandt and Picasso. There is even an online community that supports this app, so you can get plenty of good advice on how to use it to the fullest. Most filters that attempt to turn photos into “paintings” are awful, but Prisma seems to have nailed it rather nicely.


We have not presented these apps in a numbered order because none of them can rightly be called “the best.” All of these tools are meant for different purposes. Just as you cannot judge a hammer by the standards of a screwdriver, we can’t really name any of these contenders as the champion. We have simply presented them as options for your consideration, and we hope that they turn out to be good ones.


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