OPPO Watch: Your ultimate sporting companion and healthy lifestyle guide

The OPPO Watch was introduced together with the mobile device brand’s new model in the Reno series, the OPPO Reno4 which we reviewed here a few weeks back.

Even though commenting on the wrapper (or packaging) a device comes in can be considered to be going overboard and even an overkill when doing a review, we believe there can be an exception when it comes to the OPPO Watch. And we’re sure those who’ve had the opportunity to receive and unwrap (or unbox) the OPPO Watch can attest to this.

At a time when most Kenyans are still confined to their houses due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the launch of the OPPO Watch couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. That most of us are going out less and working from home means that we’ve became less active, a situation that can have potential health risks.

And here is where the OPPO Watch comes in handy. Just because we don’t go out a lot doesn’t mean we can’t create time to work out and keep our bodies active (and some lifestyle illnesses at bay) from home.

OPPO Watch specifications:  

Display 1.6 inch (40.64 mm)
Colour variants   ·         Black

·         Pink Gold

·         Silver Mist

Dimensions 41.45×36.37×11.4 mm
Battery Li-on polymer, rechargeable

Capacity: 300 mAh

Operating System Android 6.0
Memory 1GB RAM

8GB internal storage

Software version Wear OS by Google
Connectivity WiFi



In the box: OPPO Watch


User Guide

(All encased in a beautifully designed white OPPO-branded wrapper or paper case).

Design and display

Most apps and menus have been designed with all-black backgrounds, which helps the screen edges blend seamlessly into the bezels.

The OPPO Watch 41mm comes with WiFi with a screen that is 1.91 inches with 402 by 476 pixels. It runs on both Watch OS and ColorOS with a 1.2GHz or Quad-core as a central processing unit (CPU). Users will enjoy the storage of 8GB with a RAM of 1GB. Its battery is 430mAh and supports wireless charging.

And remember you can customize your display settings according to your preferences by changing the watch and font size.


Among the key features of the OPPO Watch is its 3ATM water resistance (though you should not dip it in water or head to the shower while still wearing it on your wrist), support for an eSIM, AMOLED display, 4G, and the fact that it is ECG certified.

ECG (or electroradiogram) certified capability in the OPPO smartwatch is an important feature for various reasons. Previously, smartwatches and fitness trackers have come to the market fitted with heart rate monitors. However, advances in technology and wearable devices innovation have since led to smartwatches being fitted with electrocardiogram (or ECG) as the default and preferred new key sensor.

According to online reviews, the ECG technology is designed to help people keep closer tabs on their heart health, and can also be used to help identify atrial fibrillation (Afib), a serious medical condition that causes stroke.

Even though most wearables currently come fitted with optical heart rate monitors which use flashing LEDs to penetrate the skin and detect blood flow with the algorithm working to produce heart rate data, the data is never as accurate as it should be – especially where medical issues are involved.

With ECG however, rather than measuring only the blood flow, the technology is designed to measure how well one’s heart is working.

As you wait to have a feel of the 41mm OPPO Watch, it is important to know that this watch will not be just an ordinary watch. This watch does not just tell time like ordinary watches but offers more than what some of your phones can offer. It will become part of your travel buddy right on your wrist with great reminders as you move along.

At the time majority of Kenyans are still confined and working from their homes, the OPPO Watch will come as a good fitness tracker by helping you keep and achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

The device gives a breakdown of your daily activity including the number of steps walked, the workout duration, the calories burnt as well as the overall physical activity sessions.

The overall daily step total is calculated from your active movement over the last 24 hours and includes distance walked, time spent while running, jogging and other forms of feet movement.

As a general health guide, the OPPO Watch goes further to recommend that we take at least 8,000 steps per day to keep in shape and stay health.

Still on healthy living and physical fitness, the device comes with an app with a guide for 5-minute workouts with various routines including full body workout and bedtime stretches.

In conclusion, the OPPO Watch is definitely worth the Kshs 24,000 price tag as owning it means having regular companion for monitoring your health, tracking your heart rate, and ensuring that you lead a generally healthy lifestyle.

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