Are International Employees a Good Investment for Growing Businesses?

Every business tries to find a competitive edge over other businesses. Hiring international employees remains one of the best ways of doing this because it offers businesses several advantages. Many businesses are understandably unsure about hiring international candidates and whether they are a good investment. Below, we will look at why you should and should not hire international employees to see if they are a good investment or not.

Access to a Larger Talent Pool

When businesses hire within their locality, they are often limited to the talent that is found in those localities. When they hire international candidates, that talent pool becomes much larger and they have access to candidates and employees they otherwise would not.

International employees bring different experiences and perspectives to the businesses and in this way can help business owners look at their businesses differently.


Hiring international workers saves businesses a lot of money in a few different ways. One of these is saving on office costs. International workers do not need office space or equipment supplied by the business. Additionally, the business does not have to budget for lunch or coffee.

Many business owners do not understand just how expensive paper can be. In most cases, paper is used once and discarded, which makes this cycle very expensive for businesses. When working with international employees, everything is done on the cloud or through various servers and IT systems, thus eliminating the need for paper.

Lastly, businesses can save on energy costs. The computers and other equipment in-office employees use consume a lot of power and businesses have to cater for that too.

They Help You Understand Foreign Customers Better

If you are hiring international employees because your business is expanding to new regions and countries, international employees can be an important resource in helping you understand the customers in the markets you are getting into. By doing this, they will help your business streamline its messaging and advertising language as well as adjust its products and services to better fit the customers you are targeting.

Hiring International Employees Is Complicated

One of the main reasons why businesses hold back on hiring remote employees is because it can be complicated. Businesses that do not know how to hire employees internationally or where to start are often wary of employment laws. They might now know how to offer benefits and time off, manage compliance, or how to establish a legal entity in the countries they would like to hire from.

Things are changing rapidly with professional employer organizations (PEOs) helping businesses learn how to hire employees internationally the right way. GlobalizationPedia, a company that helps businesses find and connect with the right PEO, has a great guide on how to hire employees internationally that also outlines the mistakes you should avoid to make this process as easy as possible. GlobalizationPedia also ranks PEOs so you can see which ones operate in the regions you want to hire and which can offer the best services to suit your needs.

They Increase Productivity

If it was possible, every business would operate 24 hours a day. Although it might not be possible with local employees, it is possible if you hire international employees. The people you hire likely come from different time zones and are located throughout the world.

If you want your business to run 24/7, you can give these employees the freedom to work in their local times. By so doing, you ensure there is someone always working. This affords you various advantages such as being able to handle issues that are half a world away even when you are asleep or having someone to handle customer queries no matter where they are located or when they get in touch with the business.

It Makes it Easier to Get into a New Market

Hiring candidates from countries you want to expand into is an excellent way to get a better understanding of that market. They can help you understand the culture, the needs of your target customers as well as how to do business in that country. They will help you better tailor your practices so you resonate better with the customers you are targeting, thereby making your efforts a lot more effective.

If the country you are expanding into uses a language you do not know, your new hires can help you in this regard too. They can be a big help in communicating with foreign officials and clients who do not speak your language. They can also be instrumental in helping you to close deals with new clients and customers.

By helping you in this way, they will also help you save money as you will not have to hire a translator.

From all that has been discussed above, investing in international candidates is worth it. They can be your biggest asset as you expand into a new region or country and help you in ways you might not see or understand when you are making the hiring decision.


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