LG to give away 4 AI DD washing machines to #DareToDream contest winners

LG East Africa has unveiled a campaign dubbed #DareToDream talent search that seeks to reward lucky Kenyans with one of its AI DD Washing Machine a few weeks after the #NanoNiNoma campaign. The challenge which runs for one month from October 13 until November 14 , 2020 is open to all Kenyan residents who are not directly involved with LG including employees of LG or from third-party firms associated with the company.

With the #DareToDream talent search campaign, contestants are required to dance to LG’s original AI DD song, perform a Tik Tok Duet or write your song, or rap.

To participate: Create an interesting short video that lasts not more than 1-minute and upload on your Facebook & Instagram pages using the Hashtag #LGAiDDchallenge

Tag the LGEASTAFRICA pages and ask your friends to vote for you on LG’s website

Judging for the competition will be 60% voting and 40% creativity.

Rewards: The top 4 winners will be awarded a brand-new AI DD washing machine.

The AI DD (Artificial Intelligence and Direct Drive) Washing Machine detects not only the weight but also senses the softness of the fabric and it chooses the optimal motions for the fabric by itself.

Thanks to TurboWash 360, the machine provides the convenience of Fast Wash, which takes just 39 minutes to complete. The washer sprays jets of water and laundry detergent in four different directions to get clothes cleaner. Stem+(Steam Plus) completes this comprehensive laundry solution, neutralizing 99.9 percent of allergens through a special sterilizing cycle, and removing 30 percent of annoying creases via Wrinkle Care.

The machine has a new design identity with a tempered glass door and the door frame is enhanced to improve stability and durability. To make it more durable, this machine comes with a stainless filter that also increases the hygiene as well as making the fabric durable by taking good care of them.

The AI DD Washing Machine showcases LG’s commitment to creating practical, user-friendly features. Durable and reliable, the new washer boasts an energy rating of A***- 50 percent and comes with a 10-year warranty.

You could win one of these amazing washing machines plus other great prizes. So, dare to dream.


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