Infinix Note 8: Targeting elite users with unique design at a mid-range price

The Infinix Note 7 was introduced to the market towards the end of the first quarter of this year. And now, Infinix Mobility has added the latest model to the Note series with the launch of the Infinix Note 8.

Although it shares some features and specs with its predecessor – like display screen size, RAM as well as internal storage size capacity – the Note 8, being the latest model in the series, is way superior to the Note 7 in many aspects.

Retailing at a comparatively modest and reasonable price tag of Kshs 21,800, let us delve deeper into the Infinix Note 8.     


The high-performance MediaTek Helio G80 processor with MediaTek Hyper Engine Game Technology powering the new Note 8 makes it incredibly fast and ensures that the phone provides a comprehensive strong and smooth all-round performance. The chipset not only makes the Note 8 more fluent and more stable, but also delivers an incredible experience for gamers.

MediaTek HyperEngine Game Technology features an intelligent resource management engine that ensures sustained performance and longer gameplay Intelligent, dynamic management of CPU, GPU and memory according to active measurements of power, thermal and gameplay factors. It also ensures smoother performance in heavy-loading game engines, demanding scenes and intense gameplay as well as enhanced power efficiency and connectivity enhancements for even longer and uninterrupted gameplay.

The Note 8’s fast charging, massive 5200mAh battery with super long endurance coupled with power marathon tech embedded in the device will keep the phone going for comparatively longer periods before it runs out of power. This is ideal for avid gamers as it ensures longer hours of game play while for those using their devices to watch movies or videos, there’s no panic during binge watching.

To address heat issues while charging your phones, the Note 8 comes with dual engines technology which keeps it cool, reducing the heat by 8 degrees while charging.


One of the key highlights of the Note 8 is its big dual front camera screen – a 20.5:9 screen with dual super tiny camera punch hole – allowing the display to wrap around the punch hole and be less of an inconvenience when consuming media.

And to broaden one’s horizons even more is the phone’s 6.95″ Dual Infinity-O Display. Its precise cutting ensures that the camera remains clear of any blockages and does not suffer from a degradation of the picture quality.

To complete the users’ audio visual experience, the Note 8 comes with dual speakers surround sound including with DTS and 4 modes that deliver immersive musical experience.


The Note 8 comes equipped with a top of the line set of HD cameras – 64MP Ultra HD 6 Cameras – that enables users to capture either photos or videos in impeccable detail.

The huge demand to produce professional quality videos while on the go led Infinix’s development team to choose Vidhance’s video enhancement solution for the Note 8 after intense testing and evaluation as it provides quality video stabilization capability.

Infinix has also found a solution to combat insufficient light situations that has been plaguing users when shooting videos as the Note 8’s Ultra Night Mode 2.0 feature can deliver uncompromising results under low light conditions. 

Overall design

The exquisite craftmanship of the phone is filled with unique lines and technological originality, with its Gem Cut back design for transparency and durability. The Note 8 gives the user a more comfortable grip when held on the palm.

As can be seen from the main photo, the Infinix Note 8 comes in three colour variants – Silver Diamond, Iceland Fantasy and Deep Sea Luster with subtle patterns in the reflective glass.

“We are committed to developing cutting-edge products that will become the industry benchmark, so we are very proud to launch Note 8 to global markets. Our latest flagship Note smartphone has been designed and developed with current and future everyday challenges in mind. The latest in our Note series combines Infinix’s technological innovation strength with our deep insights into our target consumers’ real needs to deliver an overall enhanced experience in terms of looks, power and endurance. The Note 8 is ideal for elite users who are used to the elite lifestyle and all that it offers,” said Mike Zhang, the Infinix Kenya brand manager.

At its price range, the Infinix Note 8 is definitely going to be a formidable rival to other models.



  1. Oh yeah, such a huge storage and a powerful Mediatek Helio G80 processor in the smartphone. Looks really interesting.

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