How Technology Improves the Quality of Life

Technology, by definition, is a capability provided through the practical application of knowledge. Therefore, it’s a product of education. Schools plant the seeds of knowledge, and students water them with practice and experience to eventually produce something that can change lives. Technology is often blamed for being the reason for so many pitfalls of younger generations, but here are a few ways that it improves the quality of life.


Artists in the music industry have been able to progress in a shorter amount of time because their music reaches people much faster with platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and others. This makes the general population happier too because now, anyone, anywhere, of any social status can blast their favorite artists from their monitor audio surround sound speakers. Only the middle class and wealthy could afford to have access to all their favorite music anytime, but now, there is no classism for listeners.


Technology has transformed the learning environment. There was a time when the main learning tools teachers had was an all black chalkboard, white chalk, and maybe a globe of the earth. Now, teachers have all sorts of interactive, colorful, engaging tools right at their fingertips. Technology has shown such great results, that school boards are giving classrooms a facelift and incorporating technology into the mainframe of education. And let’s not forget how our learning and webinar platforms have upheld school systems during the year of COVID-19!


This is a multilayered category, as technology has helped improve the health of people in countless ways. No longer do people have to pay outrageous prices for gym memberships or home gym equipment. Instead, they can simply download a free workout app that will have their heart rate up in minutes and have them on their way to a healthier lifestyle. There’s also e-cigs, fitbits, calorie counter apps, meditation apps, and many more technological advances that are helping people improve their health.


Technology has saved the whole world more time and effort than we could ever wrap our minds around just through communication alone. Forget telephone calls and text messaging – we can SEE the person on the other line if we want to just with the click of a button. This has allowed families to stay close and in touch even when they are separated. Again, the pandemic has caused the whole world to appreciate this more than we ever did before, as many families and friends have been kept apart from each other for nearly a year now.

Could we all live without the many perks that technology gives us? Of course we could. We were once a hunter and gatherer society. We could probably go back to that, but it would be painful and the world would then go back to having no connection across the continents like we do now.

On the other hand, it is vital that people understand how different forms of technology affects us. While technology has improved our lives, many would agree that it has damaged the fabric of society. The best weapon against anything is knowledge, and if we keep applying the knowledge we have practically, to both technology and how we function as a society, then we should be able to uphold humanity.


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